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5 Reasons Why YogaClub Is Perfect For Runners

As a runner, I sometimes feel like I'm part of a special club: we bond over that elated feeling you get when you hit your stride, how hard (but worth it!) it is to train for a marathon, and how much better you feel on mornings when you run than ones where you don't. But recently, I joined a literal club for workout wear that I want to share with all my fellow runners out there: YogaClub.

YogaClub is a subscription that sends you a 3 piece athleisure outfit (that's leggings, a sports bra, and a top) handpicked for you from top brands like Columbia and Free People. If you're a runner, here are 5 reasons YogaClub is a must-have addition to your closet.

1. High-quality materials help you go the extra mile

Runners know how important high-quality workout clothes are to helping you achieve your PR, or push through high mileage. With high-end fabrics designed to give you a full range of motion, handle sweat while keeping you cool, and even prevent your leggings from riding up when you run, YogaClub has got you covered.

3. Save 60% on quality workout clothes.

Being a runner doesn't mean you have to drop a ball on good quality workout clothes. YogaClub sends you $160 worth of workout apparel for $79! Plus you get introduced to awesome high-end brands like Niyama Sol (that brand that J. Lo is always wearing!), Free People and Onzie.

2. No two runners are the same.

Some are working on improving their speed, some are looking to go the distance. Some prefer scenic outdoor routes, and some find they go farther on the treadmill. All runners are different, which is why YogaClub has a survey to help them handpick outfits that work for your needs. Prefer bright colors or neutrals? Flowy tops with sleeves or tanks? YogaClub has something for everyone.

4. Some boutiques are too far to run to.

I'm all for long distance, but if the mall is 30 miles away, that might be a little too far. YogaClub sends the best athleisure brands from all over the country, like the L.A. boutique Onzie, right to your door so you can have the best no matter where you live.

5. You're more than a runner.

You're also a frozen yogurt enthusiast, a busy mom, a movie buff! YogaClub sends you athleisure so cute that you'll feel put together while running errands, in the carpool lane, or wherever your day takes you. YogaClub blends functionality with style to give you the perfect look whether it's a run day or a rest day.

With YogaClub, runners are discovering an easy way to get high-quality athleisure for less than the cost of a pair of leggings at the mall. It's my secret for getting cute athleisure from my favorite brands without breaking the bank, but it's too good to keep to myself! I want to share the good news with everyone I know so that all my friends can experience the convenience of always having comfortable and cute athleisure on hand.

USE MY DISCOUNT: Follow this link to knock your monthly price of YogaClub down from $79 to $69!

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