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5 Reasons Why Talkspace Is Going To Help Me Through 2021

I've always thought life is like a book - each chapter brings different people and experiences into our lives.

2020 was a book by Stephen King.

Every aspect of my life was a challenge - work, family, my sleep. It seemed everyone I know had insomnia - but all I did was sleep. It was so hard to get out of bed in the morning, I worried I might be depressed.

And that's why I'm glad I found Talkspace, an online counseling, and therapy platform. A friend of mine highly recommended it. Orla's had her own bouts with self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed by circumstances, and Talkspace really helps.

Orla shared her whole Talkspace journey, suggesting that I try it myself. And I took her advice.

Five reasons Talkspace really will make 2021 a year of progress and health:

Convenience Online

With unlimited messaging therapy - including audio, video, and unlimited texting via their website or the Talkspace mobile app - I couldn't believe how forward-thinking and accessible the platform is.

I can also schedule live, real-time voice, and video sessions. No wait times or travel. Basically, that's 24/7 access. I can reach out whenever I need and my therapist will respond at least 5 days a week!

Licensed Therapists Trained In Remote Care

Talkspace's national network of mental health professionals have an average of 9 years of experience practicing in a range of specialties and approaches.

Talkspace connects clients with carefully vetted therapists who have quality credentials and clinical experience. Extra training ensures that they're experts in providing remote support on the Talkspace platform.

Simple Sign-Up - Same Day Start

I signed up within minutes, took a brief quiz, and outlined the concerns I want to address. And as a registered Talkspace user, I took advantage of the same-day start so I got going right away!

Personalized - I Can Choose My Therapist

Finding the right therapist is the key to successful counseling and therapy. So, once I'd registered, I received three Talkspace therapists to check out before selecting. What I really like is that if we don't click I can change my therapist - no problem.

After signing up, I found a woman licensed in my state who has 12 years of clinical experience. And after a few live video sessions, I'm really pleased with her. She's just the counselor for me - compassionate, informed, positive, and dedicated to helping me address the things that are getting in my way. And what's really cool is if something super stressful arises, I have access to her 5 days per week!


I always thought therapy would be outrageously expensive. But Talkspace plans range from $65 to $100 per week - significantly less than traditional therapy. One in-person therapy session can run $150+, so Talkspace is quite an affordable choice.

Talkspace is HIPAA-compliant and works with employers and health plans to make access to therapy affordable. There are never any hidden fees and I can cancel at any time.

Thanks to Talkspace I'm seriously addressing the stresses and strains of that unending nightmare year and ready to start 2021 fresh.

So, yes. If life is a book - Talkspace is here to help me turn the page.

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