5 Reasons Ollie Is The Best Way To Help Any Dog Live Their Healthiest Life

5 Reasons Ollie Is The Best Way To Help Any Dog Live Their Healthiest Life

I always grew up with dogs, so I knew that when I got older, I'd get a pup for myself. When I met my boyfriend, whose dream dog is also a Corgi, I knew there'd be a furry friend sometime in the future. But on one fateful Saturday, we stopped by our local shelter's adoption event, just to pet some puppies, and that's when we fell in love with Simba. He was an abandoned terrier mix with the cutest part-German Shepherd face. He wasn't even part of the shelter's event; he was malnourished and recovering from heartworms, but he had the most loving eyes, and we refused to leave without him.

Now, Simba is the happiest dog in the world. He's finally reached a healthy weight and he has totally changed our lives. The hardest part was when we first brought him home; he cried his whole first night in our apartment, scared he was being abandoned again. He was still on antibiotics and didn't want to eat, but we needed to bring his weight up. Henry and I always fed our dogs the food our parents bought, but we needed to heal him fast, so we opted for a higher quality meat blend with Ollie. Ollie customizes their food for every dog and uses a vet-formulated combo of nutrients to give every dog their healthiest life.

Whether you have the dog of your dreams or a rescue that stole your heart, here's 5 reasons why every pup parent should transition their dog to Ollie.

It's made from quality ingredients.

Ollie consists of 3 key food groups: whole, human-grade meats, sourced from the U.S. family farms and New Zealand, fruits and vegetables optimally cooked to retain their nutrients, and dog superfoods like chia seeds for omega-3's. Simba went from getting very little vitamins to all the vitamins he needs, really quickly, which definitely boosted his recovery.

Meals are perfectly portioned.

I knew that Simba needed to gain weight, but I didn't want to overwhelm him with too much food, because I read that overfeeding can have its own consequences. After taking the introductory quiz about Simba's health and lifestyle, Ollie provided a custom portion-right scoop with my first box, so I was able to feed Simba the right amount to bulk him up at a healthy rate. When he reached a happy weight, we were able to easily adjust the meals to maintain the balance.

There are no fillers.

I have no idea what Simba was surviving on before he came to me. My heart aches when I hear about starving dogs scavenging for roadkill and think about my fur baby. In addition to high-quality meat, Ollie is made with no fillers; other dog kibbles often contain wheat, corn, or soy to bulk up the dog food without adding nourishment or incredibly harmful ingredients like "meat by-products," that are often the internal remains of diseased animals, food dyes, or other elements used in items like antifreeze.

Dog nutritionists are on call for your questions.

Just a message or call away, Ollie gives you access to canine nutritionists that can answer all your questions, like whether you should get the Hearty Beef Eats or the Chicken Goodness. The quiz recommends recipes based on your dog's age, weight, and breed, but if you've got a special situation, a question about your dog's unique breed, or just need a professional to tell you not to panic, they're there to help you out.

It's shipped for free to your door.

I didn't have to carry in big bags of dog food from the car! It also meant less time shopping and more time hanging with my new best friend, who definitely was wary of being left alone for long amounts of time.

When we first got Simba, we were shocked to discover how many dog food brands wouldn't fulfill his needs. Filler foods and low-grade meats dominated grocery stores, so buying Ollie was a no-brainer. My Simba had a rough first year, so now he gets to spend the rest of his life not worrying about where his next meal is coming from, and whether it's going to fill him up or not. And neither do I. Starting at $10 a week, Ollie is a bit more pricey than traditional dog food but without a doubt the best way to feed your dog right. Human-grade, healthy, customized meals are really the best way to show Simba that he gets to relax and have a happy life with his dog parents now.

Ready to help your dog live their healthiest life? Take Ollie's 3-minute introductory survey to design your dog's meal plan!

Update: The dog lovers at Ollie are offering 20% off your first box, but you can actually get it for 50% OFF for a limited time only by using this link.

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