5 Reasons Why your Dog Needs Healthier Food

5 Reasons Why your Dog Needs Healthier Food

Are you still feeding your dog kibble? We all want what's best for our dogs, but listening to the so-called experts about how it's best to feed them one type of kibble or another is missing the point entirely. Tired of so many trips to the vet for fo my dog Lucy, my friend told me I should try Ollie. It seems like every other day there's some recall affecting dog food. The latest came after harmful ingredients were found in some of the most popular brands of dog food, which is a frightening reality for all dog-lovers. Toxic amounts of vitamin D were found in dog food brands like Natural Life and Nutrisca. In worst-case scenarios, pups affected by a mistake like that can end up suffering through life-threatening conditions, like kidney failure and even death. That's why it's important to read the label on your dog's treats. But let's get real for a second. How many people actually go through that trouble? And even if you're one of the few that do, would you even know what harmful ingredients to look out for?

That's why Ollie, a human-grade, all-natural dog food subscription service, made it their mission to to create doggie meals that are totally free of common dangerous ingredients. Ollie sends customized and ready-to-serve veterinary and nutritionist-approved meals packed full of vitamins and minerals straight to your door on a regular schedule that's convenient for you. To customize your pup's recipes, you first fill out a profile specifying your dog's breed, weight, age, allergies and activity level. Ollie then takes that info and sends you a personalized blend, along with a custom scoop to ensure you're feeding your dog the right portions.

Meals from Ollie are always fresh and made with real ingredients, like fruits and veggies. With options like the Chicken Goodness, they're also a lot tastier than the average bag of store-bought food. Their best feature: Ollie's dog food meals are always free of the questionable stuff, like preservatives and artificial dyes. There's no need to worry that meal time is putting your pups in danger when you choose Ollie.. I had also been considering a change in diet for my dog, so I asked my friend a few questions. Here's everything you need to know about Ollie.

How is Ollie made?
The folks at Ollie started by working with a veterinary nutritionist who helped us formulate our balanced and complete, human-grade recipes, abiding by the AAFCO standards. They use carefully sourced ingredients, cooked at low temperatures in small batches, and hand-pack them.

How are the ingredients sourced?
Ollie sources from a variety human-grade and free-range farms. This includes hormone-free chicken, high-quality beef and turkey, and pasture-raised lamb from farms in the US and Australia. The produce, seeds, and oils are carefully sourced as well, and there are never any by-products, fillers, artificial flavoring or preservatives in Ollie's food.

How do I know the food is safe?
Ollie controls every step of the production process to ensure safety and quality. The food is made in kitchens in the US, that also prepare human food which means that the kitchens are held to the same standards. Since Ollie adheres to human standards, they go through the same safety steps that companies do to make human food. And because they're obsessed with the quality, they test every batch of Ollie to make sure it hasn't been contaminated before sending it out.

What are the health benefits of feeding my dog Ollie?

You know how good you feel when you eat a healthy diet loaded with fresh produce? That's how awesome your dog feels when they eat Ollie. Not only that, but a diet made with real ingredients does wonders for their overall well-being—it can promote heart health, increase energy level, make coats shinier, breaths smell better, improve eyesight and even impact poop!

Do I have to prepare anything?
Nope! I know how hard it is to even find time to cook for yourself, let alone your dogs. Ollie does all the work for you. All you have to do is stash it in the fridge, feed your dog the precise amount prescribed, and rinse the bowl after each meal. Boom.

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