5 Sweet Treats to Bake to Impress Your Friends

5 Sweet Treats to Bake to Impress Your Friends

Who doesn't love a sweet treat?

There's nothing more heartwarming than when your friend comes over bearing a tray of freshly made baked goods tasting like love and rainbow sugar. Well, now you can be that friend... even if you're not a natural born baker. (We won't tell!)

Fortunately, Bakerlymakes it easier than ever to find delicious new baked goods each month. By going to their website you can order delicious brioches, snacks, and so much more, and it's sure to satisfy your every craving.

But if you do somehow have the energy and time to actually bake your own treats, here are some particularly creative ones to try...

1. Chocolate Brookies

chocolate brookies

chocolate brookies

modern honey

There's nothing better than cookies and there's nothing better than brownies... except for a combination of the two. Chocolate brookies are a delectable combo of these two beloved sweet treats that includes a layer of cookie on the bottom and a layer of brownie on the top. Check out a recipe here and give it a whirl... your friends will probably love you forever.

2. Lemon & Blueberry Biscotti

lemon blueberry biscotti\u200b

lemon blueberry biscotti


You know biscotti — that hard, crumbly, delicious treat that goes so well with morning coffee or late night tea? You can make your own with just some flour and sugar (and a few other ingredients), and be sure to add fresh blueberries for a refreshing twist. This zesty combo is sure to be a comforting hit, and it's perfect to add to any coffee date.

3. Lemon Almond Squares

\u200blemon blueberry biscotti

lemon blueberry biscotti


On the lemon wavelength, lemon squares are a pretty classy treat overall, perfect for a summer soiree (but really, who needs a specific reason to make lemon squares?). Get creative by adding a delicious shortcake crust that will balance out the sweet lemon layer exquisitely.

4. Gingerbread Cake with Caramel Sauce

gingerbread caramel cake

gingerbread cake


For an old-timey and definitively delicious treat, try a delicious gingerbread cake criss-crossed with gentle caramel swirls. Some molasses, some cinnamon, and a bit of whipped cream will add extra sweetness to this favorite, which is sure to bring you and your pals straight back to Grandma's kitchen, offering a dreamy dose of sweet nostalgia while making everybody feel loved and at home.

5. Maple Syrup Donuts

maple donuts

maple donuts


Bringing your friends homemade donuts for breakfast is sure to impress them beyond measure — and a maple syrup donut will push your confection into the realm of the sublime. Some flour and butter form the basis of this recipe, but things get funky when you add maple syrup to the mix as well as a maple syrup and sugar-infused glaze. A perfect autumnal treat, this is sure to usher in immaculate vibes any time of year.

These all sound pretty great — but realistically when are you going to have time and energy to make all these treats? As you dream and plot your future confections, order some French pastries from Bakerly. (Shipping for orders over $35 is free!)

They'll arrive at your door in no time, and you can satiate your desire for delicious sweetness made by the masters while dreaming of the day (or alternate reality) where you open your own French pastry shop. Until then, Bakerly's delicious brioches, French pancakes, and endless array of other treats are sure to hit the spot.

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