4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Human-Grade Food

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Human-Grade Food

You are what you eat, right? It's pretty simple: when we eat healthier, we feel better, and when we eat junk food, we feel worse. So, why don't we use this same logic when it comes to our dogs? Instead, so many of us unintentionally feed our dogs crap. My dog, Sam, started having digestive issues about a year ago, and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. After a terrible bout of vomiting, we took him to the vet, and the first thing she asked was what we were feeding him. I've always bought the cheap, ultra-sized bag of kibble at the supermarket, but it turns out, what you're feeding your dog matters a lot. Here are 4 reasons your dog will love you for switching to Ollie.

1. Unlike other brands, Ollie makes only human-grade food

Many dog food companies inject shelf-stable kibble and canned dog food with synthetic vitamins and minerals and artificial flavors, in order to make sure it lasts in the stores. It goes through so much processing, what's left is "food" that's been stripped of all it's nutrients and even has to have nutrients added back into it. On top of that, there's little to no regulation, meaning the kibble industry can classify dog food as "feed," preventing it from the safety standards that "human-grade" food promises. This is extremely unhealthy for the dog and can affect their entire system. Ollie makes only fresh, all-natural meals consisting of the finest, human-grade ingredients.

2. Ollie uses the best and freshest ingredient in their food (no hidden ingredients!)

Almost all shelf-stable commercial dog foods contain processed grains, but these are terrible for a dog's GI health. Instead, Ollie uses protein-rich foods proven to be much better for dogs. Ollie incorporates ingredients like: beef, chicken, lamb, kale, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and other good stuff like coconut oil and chia seeds. Just like humans, dogs feel the difference when they eat meals made up of real and fresh ingredients.

An all-natural unprocessed diet can help prevent and treat disease, and help with managing and maintaining your dog's weight. Having an antioxidant-rich diet can even make your pup smarter, while the filler-free ingredients full of healthy fats can improve your dog's skin and coat. Not only are these things great for the dog, but they can increase your dog's lifespan too!

3. The meals are tailored to your dog based on size, breed, and health concerns

Ollie takes it one step further than human-grade dog food with the best ingredients; the food is actually personalized based on your dog's breed, size, and health. The customized menus are backed by certified canine nutritionists, ensuring that the food is always gently cooked in a USDA-regulated kitchen to provide the highest quality and safety. To get started, you sign them up on the site and create their own individual profiles. The team at Ollie takes all factors into consideration to provide the right caloric intake and nutrient balance for each individual dog. And that personalized attention pays off - Sam is a medium sized mixed breed pup with GI issues, so they took all of that into consideration when creating a meal plan for him.

4. Ollie dog food is designed to help your dog be healthier and happier

The real proof that what you're feeding your dog matters is the change that is seen in their health after transitioning to Ollie dog food. My dog, Sam, doesn't vomit anymore, and his poo is also nowhere near as smelly. He has a noticeably shinier coat, more energy, less digestive issues, and a healthier GI tract, and I noticed a difference within a few days. I've saved a ton of time and money spent on trips to the vet, and now know Sam is the healthiest he can be. And with the added bonus of Sam potentially living longer, it was worth every penny!

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