Does Your Water Have These Ingredients? Here’s What To Look Out For

Does Your Water Have These Ingredients? Here’s What To Look Out For

If there’s anything we love as Food and Beverage editors…it’s beverages.

And while nothing beats having a variety of drinks at the house, after reading all the recent articles surrounding the effects of erythritol, we’re checking every single nutrition label in the fridge.

In recent studies, diet sweeteners – including artificial and so-called ‘natural sweeteners’ – have come under question regarding their health implications.

We knew ingredients like aspartame and sucralose were connected to many serious health issues, but erythritol is the new no-no on the block.

The ingredient is included in many vitamin-enhanced waters and zero-calorie drinks, but lucky for us, our favorite brand never has and never will include any sugar or diet sweeteners – Hint.

Made with nothing but purified water and fruit essences, Hint is tried and true when it comes to delicious water and hydration. They have a range of incredible tastes like top-seller Watermelon, online exclusive Peach Raspberry, and all-new Grape. New customers can get started with 36 bottles for just $36! That’s just $1 per bottle plus FREE shipping!

If you’re looking to cut harmful ingredients from your drinks, here are three red flags to look out for – and how Hint helps you avoid them all.

🚩 Sweeteners (Erythritol, Sucralose, Aspartame, Acesulfame)

Sweeteners are one of the larger red flags when it comes to choosing a drink that’s safe. Just because it says it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s good for you – in fact, we’d recommend staying away from anything that mentions the s-word.

Hint has no sugar, no diet sweeteners of any kind, and no calories. When we say it’s just refreshing water, we mean it.

🚩 Long Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels shouldn’t read like laundry lists or chemistry books. You should be able to recognize most words on the list itself.

Hint’s nutrition info says it all: zero! Zero sugar, zero diet sweeteners, and there is also zero erythritol – Hint has none of them. Simply filtered water and fruit essence.

🚩 Flavor (Artificial Flavors)

While natural flavors must originate in plants or animals, artificial ones are synthesized in labs and sometimes cause side effects such as headaches, fatigue, and nausea.

Rather than using any flavors, Hint uses fruit essence which creates an unbeatable, accurate taste.

While the FDA has cleared the use of artificial sweeteners, we as editors, do not. Especially not when Hint provides incredible flavors with none of the diet sweeteners, calories, or sugar.

Stop questioning what harmful ingredients are in your drinks, and check out Hint for only $1 per bottle!

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