Meet The Founders Of 21Seeds: Taking Tequila To The Next Level

Meet The Founders Of 21Seeds: Taking Tequila To The Next Level

Kat never imagined that one doctor's visit would lead to all-natural, real fruit-infused tequila, but we are so happy it did. It all started when she began to not feel her best - sure, she'd been drinking a glass of wine or 2 every night, but she had for the past several years.

So she went to the doctor and found out that with age comes aversion to sulfates and fermentation, so the doctor suggested she go for something distilled, like tequila. So she said goodbye to wine and hello to tequila.

While Kat's symptoms immediately disappeared upon making the switch, she just didn't love the harsh taste of the tequila she was buying. She needed that better-for-you drink with no sacrifice on taste to make the change truly work for her.

She liked that tequila came from agave and was distilled, purer than wine, and didn't cause headaches like she sometimes got from wine. But sugary margaritas undid all of that good work. She wished there was a better alternative, that went down smoother on its own while still tasting delicious.

In her dreams, a flavored tequila was not too sweet, drinkable, not just sippable, and worked both on its own and in cocktails. She thought she'd try and DIY it, not realizing what she was cooking up would become.

Kat started playing around with jalapenos and grapefruits, ending up with homemade fruit-infused tequila. As she got into the swing of things, these infusions became her go-to; perfect after a long day of work or for a girl's night in.

Having her custom tequila made for easy gifts for friends, and soon they'd ask for their own bottles; that's when she realized she'd done something big.

She called her sister Nicole and roped in her friend Sarika, two big fans of her tequila, and 21Seedswas born. Girls were calling the shots now (and the shots were going to taste amazing).

The women sought out a distillery to make this happen and found the best home for their infusions in Jalisco, Mexico, owned and staffed predominantly by women who had been doing this for generations.

Before 21Seedshit the market, they realized a few things; because it's infused, it was going to be all-natural, non-GMO, easy to drink, not too sweet, better for you, and most of all, insanely delicious. And by smoothing out the harsh taste of traditional tequila, 21Seeds began winning over non-tequila drinkers and tequila fans alike.

With hand-picked fruit and blanco tequila, 21Seeds made it into stores, destined to be a new favorite. Designed for long-time tequila lovers and the more hesitant soon-to-be converts alike, this tequila is made for drinking.

Although Kat doesn't drink wine anymore, she's got the company of her very own Valencia Orange, Grapefruit Hibiscus, and Jalapeno Cucumber drinking tequilas from 21Seeds. Her bar cart is stocked and ready for any occasion, and the bottles look just as good as the tequila tastes!

We love women who innovate, and to see them succeed? Incredible. 21Seeds is available online and in stores across the country. Whether enjoyed on the rocks, in a simple Seed & Soda, or a variety of cocktails from a margarita to a manhattan, it's an easy-to-drink, affordable luxury with less chance of a hangover.

This is a tequila you'll love to drink. Why not give it a shot?

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