21 Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

21 Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

There's no such thing as too many gadgets, right?

1. Bag Resealer

Nothing is worse than happily sticking your hand into a family sized bag of Doritos only to be met with stale, softened, nacho-cheese-flavored triangles. A bag resealer will ensure your snack foods live a long, happy shelf life.

2. Pet Eye View Camera

Ever wonder what your cat does all day? Always wish you could see things from your dog's point of view? There are cameras on the market that allow you to see exactly what your pet sees through a camera attached to their collar. Talk about a front row seat!

3. Battery Operated Scissors

Wrapping Christmas presents can become tedious sometimes. Make the gift-wrapping process a much jollier experience with a battery operated scissors.

4. Can Handles

Nothing says class quite like a can with a handle attached to it. Turn your cans into instant cups with a convenient handle attachment. Pinky out!

5. SoloWheel

Too lazy to walk? Too cool to hoverboard? The SoloWheel is the unicycular invention of your dreams. The contraption involves a single motorized wheel with two footholds on either side.

6. A Twirling Spaghetti Fork

For those extra sleepy dinners when you can't twirl your own silverware.

7. Portable Handheld Toaster

The portable handheld toaster essentially looks like a handheld iron, so it feels like you're ironing your bread while you use it. Which seems awesome for some reason.

8. Google Glass

Although only a prototype of Google Glass was released, the concept of the glasses and their head mounted display seems like something out of a science fiction movie.

9. Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

Why waste precious time adding soy sauce to your chow mein before eating it when you can add the soy sauce while you eat it! That's what sauce dispensing chopsticks were made for.

10. Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Another major time saver, the self-stirring coffee mug is kinda like having a third hand, which really increases productivity. You're welcome.

11. LED Umbrella

This umbrella is made to keep you from the dark side. Resembling a recycled light saber, the LED umbrella will ensure you are seen even if on the rainiest of nights.

12. Belty

Belty, the humorously named smart belt, connects with the bluetooth on your phone to ensure your belt to give you reports on your overall health. The belt also works to get you more active during the day. Its vibrations can do things like get you to walk faster or stand up straighter.

13. CleverPet

You no longer have to feel guilty about leaving your pets at home! With CleverPet, you can replace the love and comfort of the human body with a robot that plays games with (and feeds!) your pets! But really, it's pretty cool.

14. Segway Robot

In case a segway isn't enough for you, there is a segway robot that just cruises around and does things on its own when you aren't riding around on it. And in case that's not weird enough for you, the prototype segway robot has eyes incorporated into its design.

15. SmartyPans

A dietitian's dream, SmartyPans is a set of pans that connect with an app on your phone to give an accurate measurement regarding the calories and the portion sizes of the meals you cook in them. Sounds like a solid way to master portion control!

16. SensorWake

Sometimes it's just too easy to push the snooze button when your annoyingly loud alarm is blaring right next to your bed. With SensorWake, you can be woken up with no sound at all. The quirky clock wakes you up by omitting different smells into the air. Maybe like bacon?

17. Alcoho-lock Bike Lock

This bike lock doesn't let you ride unless you pass a breathalyzer test first. They should make another version that goes over your phone to avoid drunk texting.

18. Touchy

Touchy turns its users into giant cameras who walk blind until they are given human contact. Once the person wearing Touchy is touched by a friend, the camera shutter over their eyes opens and they can see, as well as take pictures of, everyone around them.

19. Guillotine Bagel Slicer

It's exactly what it sounds like. And it's completely necessary.

20. Scribble Pen

This futuristic pen picks up the colors of objects you touch it to, and then allows you to draw with said colors. You could make, like, the most realistic still life of all time with these pens.

21. Make It Rain Cash Cannon

The Cash Cannon is great addition to any bachelor/bachelorette parties, team builders, nightclubs, birthday parties, and more.

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