What We’re Reading This Winter

I was an English major in college, so it should come as no surprise that Barnes & Noble is my happy place. I don’t even say that to be the quirky reader type – I genuinely feel my serotonin spike when I enter the store.

I like to read in my spare time because it’s the only thing that tears my eyes away from the screens that constantly control my life. If I’m tired of watching the same Netflix series over and over, I opt for a novel.

All this to mean that I’ve seen every single recommendation put out on BookTok. I know the rise of Colleen Hoover has had a grip on society for far too long, and I’m wary of any trending book I’ve seen on the app.

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There are so many books on BookTok that don’t deserve the 5-star rating they’ve been given. But the original BookTok, Reese’s Book Club, has far more of a lasting impact on me. Reese Witherspoon starred in Legally Blonde, so logically I trust every choice she makes.

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Here in the digital age, we’re accustomed to buying a book online without much research. Just because some TikToker claims this is the best book they’ve ever read doesn’t mean we should all automatically agree – after all, we all have different tastes.

Ironically, I’m here to recommend some of my own personal favorites for this 2022 winter season. Remember, there’s something out there for everyone, and these are most definitely for me.

If you’re in the market for a good read to curl up with while football is on, here are some of my recent favorites.

Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan 

Jodi Picoult, author of My Sister’s Keeper, is a cult favorite writer back with another gripping novel. It follows the story of Olivia Campanello, whose son, Asher, is accused of killing his girlfriend, Lily. Olivia is adamant about Asher’s innocence, but as the case unfolds, so does the truth.

It’s got everything: teen angst, love, loss, and suspense. Picoult delivers with this one.

A Dangerous Business by Jane Smiley 

Following two prostitutes in the heart of 1850s Gold Rush California, Eliza and Jane are in search of financial security. Things take a turn, however, when bodies of young women start popping up outside of town and Eliza feels inclined to figure out why. Alongside Jane, the two piece together clues to try and catch a killer in a lawless town on the brink of Civil War.

It’s a girlboss novel about two outsiders who can conquer more than people think. We love to see it.

The Vibrant Years by Sonali Dev

A novel endorsed by Mindy Kaling is a novel worth reading. This one follows three generations of women navigating life and relationships together on their journey to find happiness. There’s dysfunction, chaos, and the perfect base for Kaling’s next show if she’s thinking what I’m thinking.

“When sixty-five-year-old Bindu Desai inherits a million dollars, she’s astounded—and horrified. The windfall threatens to expose a shameful mistake from her youth. Desperate to keep the secret, Bindu quickly spends it on something unexpected: a condo in a posh retirement community in Florida.”

Your Table Is Ready: Tales of a New York City Maître D’ by Michael Cecchi-Azzolina

If you’re looking for a fix of celebrity gossip, look no further. Cecchi-Azzolina has helped run some of the most famous and successful restaurants in New York City, which means he’s met just about everyone who’s anyone. Get the tea and drink it up.

“From his early career serving theater stars like Tennessee Williams and Dustin Hoffman at La Rousse right through to the last pre-pandemic-shutdown full houses at Le Coucou, Cecchi-Azzolina has seen it all.”

The Sunshine Girls by Molly Fader

This is the perfect book to binge read all day when it’s cold outside. It follows two lifelong friends: BettyKay and Kitty, who bond as one of the few females on campus in 1967 Iowa. Fifty years later, two estranged sisters are shocked when a dazzling movie star shows up to their mother’s funeral and the rest begins to unfold.

It’s a feel-good story about two women who share a lifetime of memories and secrets between them. Pair it with a glass of red wine and you’ve got yourself a night.

These books aren’t your typical BookTok recs, but they’ll certainly keep you reading this winter. BRB adding them all to my Amazon cart…

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