Who’s got the time or the open schedule to be in front of the TV exactly when their favorite shows are on? We’ve got dinners to go to. Kids to pick up from dance class. Naps to take. Dogs to walk. Whatever the case may be, sometimes we can’t or don’t want to watch TV when the networks tell us too. That’s why on-demand TV is the best thing that’s happened since, well, regular TV. Here’s what’s just been released so you can catch up on your fave shows and don’t have to worry about those morons who don’t give the “spoiler alert” call before they dish about who just got killed off.

The Walking Dead

Rise from the dead and tune into episode 6 from season 6 of the hit show, The Walking Dead, on Xfinity, Verizon, Netflix AMC, AT&T; U-verse, or Direct TV. In this episode, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham encounter multiple obstacles while trying to get back to Alexandria. Episode 7 will be available on Nov. 22nd and episode 8 is coming the 29th.


Ready to check out the pilot of Patriot from Amazon? You’re in luck! Season 1 is now available on Amazon Prime, and if you have a Prime membership, it’s free to watch. See what happens when intelligence officer, John Tavner, takes on his latest assignment and deals with a bout of PTSD.


Is Suits more the type of show that suits you? Season 5, episode 10, “Faith” is now ready to be viewed on Xfinity, Direct TV, TWC Central, Verizon, AT&T; U-verse, and USA Network. This is the summer finale where Louis and Jessica try to stop the takeover from Hardman and Soloff. Binge-watch the entire season!