We Tried CUUP and Skims. Here's What You Need To Know.


If you're a woman, you know the struggle of finding a bra that supports, fits comfortably, and looks cute.

For such a small item, bras can be the most difficult to buy. Nothing is more frustrating than when your “best” bra chafes or causes a boob to pop out! I'm speaking from experience.

I was desperate to find a brand that offers it all; a wide range of sizes, different styles and colors, high-quality materials, and a reasonable price. Bra shopping should be fun, not complicated!

But finding a brand that ticks all of the boxes is easier said than done. After hours of searching, I discovered two trending brands; CUUP and Skims. I tried both.

Here's my honest opinion:

Key Similarities

  • Both offer inclusive bras designed to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Both have lots of options to choose from in colors and silhouettes
  • Both provide customer support to help you find the perfect fit

Key Differences

  • CUUP is a bra expert, offering lingerie and swimwear only – Skims is most known for their shapewear
  • CUUP offers a comprehensive Fit Quiz – Skims only provides a sizing guide
  • CUUP bras are constructed to enhance a woman's natural shape while providing maximum comfort and support – Skims bras are engineered to shape a woman's body

CUUP Review

My goal was to find a bra that supports my natural shape: no foam and no crazy padding, just a simple silhouette. That’s exactly what CUUP is all about.

Although, when I saw that their bras cost $68, I was kind of skeptical. Would their bras fit me, and would I be satisfied with the overall quality? Their bras aren’t expensive if you compare them to Victoria's Secret or other high-end brands, but I’d never tried CUUP before. I worried that I’d be left with yet another unwearable bra in my lingerie drawer.

But CUUP provides an easy Fit Quiz to help pinpoint my precise size. Plus, they offer free returns within the US! That calmed my nerves down. So I ordered The Balconette in Blush and The Plunge in Vine Shine – a classy green color.

When my order arrived, I was surprised by the light, stretchy materials. Both bras look simple yet incredibly luxurious, and the fit was spot on.

CUUP stays away from foam entirely since it's not a breathable material and can irritate the skin which makes a huge difference in terms of comfort. And I absolutely adore their Flexiwire – a flexible underwire – that moves with you and doesn't poke or pinch at all!

For such premium materials and flattering designs, I'm more than happy to pay $68!

Fit: 9/10

Material: 10/10

Design: 10/10

Support: 9.5/10

Price: 9/10

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Skims Overview:

Skims had been on my radar for quite some time. Influencers promoting their shapewear kept popping up on my feed. But I suspected that their products lacked quality. I’ve had a few bad experiences with buying lingerie based on Influencers' paid recommendations, so it took a while to actually purchase what I’d put in my cart.

Skims launched with undergarments and loungewear, but its shapewear is its superstar product. Skims' bra designs are definitely on the simpler side. I went for their Woven Shine Underwire Bra with no padding and the Cotton Plunge Bralette.

I must say that they aren't nearly as comfortable as I needed them to be. The Woven Shine Underwire Bra has a super weird shape and zero support – no kidding! The underwire dug into my chest and left red marks.

The Cotton Plunge Bralette looked cute and felt a little more comfortable, but it didn't stay in place. Every time I bent over, out popped my boobs – oops!

Skims is such a viral brand – but in my opinion, it doesn't live up to the hype. Their bras are low quality. Not to mention, I had a tough time shopping on their site because their sizes and styles sell out so quickly.

Fit: 7/10

Material: 9/10

Design: 8/10

Support: 7.5/10

Price: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thoughts

After trying both brands, I can say that CUUP is the clear winner. Their bras have an excellent fit and provide maximum comfort and support without sacrificing style. The brand is not interested in transforming women's bodies; they want us to embrace our natural shape. I soooo love that about CUUP!

Sure, Skims’ bras look sweet but THEY DON’T FIT RIGHT. Besides, they aren't nearly as comfortable as CUUP – definitely not the right choice for me.

If you need new lingerie that doesn’t chafe, ride up, make your boob pop out, and makes you look just like your gorgeous, natural self – check out CUUP. You can thank me later!

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