Why you should be drinking Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog all year round

Why you should be drinking Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog all year round

Bottoms up to an egg-cellent libation

Hear the words "egg nog" and images of snowy nights by the fireplace, taking in the holiday cheer come to mind. The rich and sweet beverage is certainly an indulgence – isn't that what the holiday season is all (or at least a good deal) about? There are parties, feasts, gift-giving extravaganzas, and more, and sipping on a glass of egg nog seems to suit the spirit just perfectly.

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But once January rolls around, egg nog seems to be shown the door. And most people don't even think of the delicious drink until Christmastime comes 'round once again. But why? Egg nog is undeniably delicious, and it ought to get props no matter the month or season. I'm calling for the acceptance of all-year-round egg nog as a go-to drink. In moderation, of course, or else we'll all look like a bunch of Humpy Dumpties.

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Who's on this egg nog movement with me? For those raising a glass, be sure it's Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog you're sipping. It is so delicious and creamy, and it's all ready-made so you can simply pour and sip. I came to realize just how stinkin' delicious this "adult" drink was when my local liquor store had a huge bottle on sale for $10 back in March. Like most shops of its kind, they weren't seeing much interest in egg nog from their customers past Dec. 31st, so onto the sale shelf it went. And into my shopping cart it landed. Yay me!

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Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog is a blend of rich real dairy cream, rum, brandy, and blended whisky, along with their mix of mouth-watering ingredients that make their recipe one that's hard to beat. As per Chowhound, one ½ cup is 220 cals and more than half of it is fat, so drinking with restraint is the way to go, as yummy as that meager portion is. Not to mention, the alcohol content is 14.75%, so no egg nogging and driving! You don't want to crack your nog(gin).

So now that I had this ginormous bottle of the nog, I had to come up with various ways to put it to good use. Naturally, it's delicious on its own, but I love to create new recipes and drink concoctions, so this egg nog was about to step into unchartered territory.

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First, why use milk or creamer in your coffee when there's egg nog? Try it, you won't regret it. Starbucks better think up something fast. Next, a little in my oatmeal. Heck, why not use a dash in cold cereal too? I've blended a few dribbles into yogurt, drizzled on ice cream, and poured over berries. Suddenly that huge bottle is looking near empty.

So don't wait until the end of the year to enjoy the many thrills of egg nog, get some now or make your own. Alton Brown has an easy recipe that will impress any egg nog-loving lady or lad.

Egg nog is a year-round treat, and with Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog, it's a convenient and low-priced on at that. A 750 ml bottle is under $10. Bottoms up to an egg-cellent libation!

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