I recently moved to an awesome new place from my starter apartment. Though when I was starting to settle in, one realization hit me right away: I needed to upgrade everything. First on my list was my bedding. My raggedy, faded pillowcases and stretched-out sheets from my early twenties didn't quite fit with my sleek new bedroom. I was done having my mom help me with this stuff; this was all me. So, I did some research on the most high-quality yet affordable sheets. I kept seeing outstanding reviews for Brooklinen, a company that goes direct from manufacturer to consumer. After reading about how soft, stylish, and durable their sheets were, I decided to order one of their bestsellers, the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle in a Sky Blue, which complemented my favorite rug.

I was already excited waiting for my new sheet set, duvet, and pillowcases, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when they arrived a few days later. I opened the box and found everything neatly packaged with a stylish reusable tote bag: no unnecessary wrapping paper, plastic, or bubble wrap. I was already loving this.

The first item I opened was the Luxe Core Sheet Set, which was so soft, it basically melted in my hands. Don't believe what they say about high thread count. These 480 thread count sheets were much softer than my old "700 thread count" sheets. That silky-softness, I found out, is due to their unique sateen weave. In me terms, that means a super comfy, cozy bed.

Next was the duvet cover, which was cuddly and fluffy, just how those should be. It had a wide pattern that felt like a cloud! The pillowcases were next. I rarely get excited over pillowcases, but these French envelope-style pillowcases were different. They were buttery soft and ultra-luxurious. And they actually fit my pillows perfectly, since there was an extra flap to keep my pillow safe and snug, unlike others that always slip off or bunch up.

I didn't expect buying new bedding to be a fun experience, but Brooklinen exceeded my expectations. Getting my package was just part one of the fun though; my first night with my sheets was even better. For only $228, I invested in sheets that I know are going to give me many great nights of sleep ahead. Plus, there was the added bonus of the 60-night risk free guarantee and lifetime warranty. From box to bed, Brooklinen is too good to pass up.

Update: The folks at Brooklinen are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link today to receive free shipping and $20 Off your second order!