Man applying Dr.Squatch deodorant

What’s In The Box? My Dr. Squatch Bundle Review

  • Dr. Squatch offers a wide range of personal care products for men all made with natural ingredients in a multitude of unique scents
  • I tried out their bestselling Suave Bundle to see if Dr. Squatch is worth the switch
  • Without the $59 bundle deal, the items in this haul would have cost $78
  • Read below to see what I really think of Dr. Squatch

I won’t lie, as a guy I’ve never had the most elaborate hygiene routine. All I thought I needed to stay fresh was a 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner, the cheapest bar of soap at the grocery store, and any brand of deodorant. Needless to say, there was definitely room for improvement in my self-care regimen.

My girlfriend kept insisting that I switch out what she calls my “middle school hygiene practice” and suggested that I give Dr. Squatch a shot.

She told me their products use all-natural ingredients and are formulated specifically for men. Dr. Squatch has many great scents, so there are tons of options to ditch that outdated signature scent.

With so much to choose from, I went for the Suave Bundle to cover all of the bases I’d been missing.

The Forest, Beach, Fresh, or classic Squatch Suave Bundle all looks fantastic but the Beach bundle called out to me. I wanted to try a fresh summer scent.

Here’s everything that arrived in my $59 Dr. Squatch bundle and what I think:

First up . . . their famous Bar Soaps.

The Bar Soap from Dr. Squatch seriously raises the bar for soap. With three Bar Soaps included in the bundle, I have plenty of replacement options for my generic soap.

Whether it’s their Bay Rum scent transporting me to a beachside happy hour, the Cool Fresh Aloe that hydrates my skin, or the Grapefruit IPA that smells like a citrus drink at a swim-up bar, each one is a vacation in a bar soap.

Unlike other brands, the Bar Soap from Dr. Squatch has a long-lasting strength. And after only a few showers, I noticed that it doesn’t dry out my skin.

Correction: Dr. Squatch doesn’t just raise the bar. It is the bar.

Of course, after loving the soap I had to test out the Soap Saver.

In the past, the soaps I used would melt away in the shower with much of the bar going to waste – literally money down the drain. That was until Dr. Squatch’s Soap Saver came to the rescue.

The 100% cedarwood block is designed to keep your bar safe and dry. Once you’re done washing, simply set your soap on the small, cedar block to prevent shower scum and make it last twice as long as regular bar soap.

Okay. The soap is officially great, but I was hesitant to use the Shampoo.

I’ve always been a generic 2-in-1 guy, but I didn’t realize the care my hair truly required until I started using Dr. Squatch’s Shampoo.

The bundle came with their Cool Fresh Aloe scent and my hair has never felt better. Made of natural ingredients like jojoba oil, oat protein, and honey, the shampoo seals in moisture and leaves my hair undeniably soft.

Dr. Squatch busts the myth that you must wash your hair every single day. With the shampoo’s natural-yet-effective formula, my hair holds up for days between washes.

Clearly, the next step was giving the Conditioner a chance.

Another myth Dr. Squatch busts is that conditioner is only for women. Made with shea butter and avocado oil, this naturally-sourced conditioner avoids harsh chemicals. The menthol cools your scalp and the aloe is super refreshing.

After only one application of their Cool Fresh Aloe Conditioner, I’m totally okay with ditching my old 2-in-1 bottles.

Rounding out my bundle with a daily essential - the Deodorant.

To be honest, I used the same brand of deodorant since adolescence.

But after trying Dr. Squatch’s Bay Rum deodorant, I now smell like the man I am. Their intoxicating Bay Rum is made with clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus that give just the right spicy hints of island life.

Overall, the Suave Bundle from Dr. Squatch is totally worth it.

It checks all my personal care boxes - including some I never knew existed! - I’m not going back to my boring old ways.

If you’re looking to “Squatch” your self-care regimen, I highly recommend giving this bundle a buy.

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