The big day is more than just big: it's legendary.

That's why looking your best is a total must. So who better to know about making a statement than Lucy Flint? She's the founder of the wedding makeup artistry and hair design company, Miss Harlequin, in New York City. From over a decade of corporate events in London to treating 1,000 unique brides to the makeover of a lifetime, Lucy knows just what every lady needs to feel picture perfect for the big day and beyond. We caught up with her to find out her secrets to success and her expert style tips.

When did you realize your passion for makeup and hair styling?

I've always had a great passion for makeup and hair styling. I grew up around my grandma, who was a hair stylist, so I guess it came through by blood. I remember how passionate she was about Vidal Sassoon and the day she finally met him!

I have done hair and makeup as a hobby since I can remember, never really thinking it could be a serious career, so I headed down an amazingly successful corporate route, which lasted 12 years. When I met my now husband and decided to relocate from London to San Francisco, it seemed like a natural time for a career change. It was very much a chance to get my feet wet, see if I liked it, and test the market (which is so so different from the theatrical nature of London makeup and hair and from the corporate world).

I realized how much I loved the art of makeup, being around people, making them feel great about themselves, having a flexible schedule, and building a business, with no two days being the same. I was hooked.

Miss Harlequin grew very organically at first, with business just kept coming to me. Though sadly, I couldn't settle in San Francisco; I craved real city life. So we relocated to New York 6 years ago and Miss Harlequin has been growing rapidly year after year since.

Having the biggest and best year to date in 2016 with Miss Harlequin, I also realized that as a single artist, business growth was impossible. I was burnt out and desperately needed to find a way to grow the business or get out. With the strong brand I had created in New York, I realized I could start an agency, contracting the best artists in New York. And here we are today. I have 10 artists on my books and counting. I love being able to use my corporate skills to build an award-winning business as well as doing the artistry I'm so passionate about.

What's in your makeup bag?

For a makeup artist, my bag is pretty minimal. It also stays in the bathroom; once it's on, it doesn't get retouched that day! In my bag is the following: Embryolisse primer moisturizer, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, L'Oréal Million Lashes in black, a Nars blush and highlighter palette, Nars eyebrow pencil in brown, Make Up For Ever cover up for those pesky spots, eyelash curlers (cannot live without those), and Nars red lipstick: that's my trademark.

What's your daily beauty routine?

My daily routine is moisturize, apply foundation, pencil eyebrows, curl eyelashes, mascara, blush and highlighter. It takes approximately 3 minutes total. For my hair, I typically put it up in either a crown braid or topknot, which takes about 30 seconds.

What mistakes do people usually make when applying makeup or doing their hair?

Not matching their foundation is a huge mistake; being a different color than your body is not beautiful. Also, the belief that using a lot of product helps hold limp, thin doesn't; it weighs it down.

What do you love most about the work you do at weddings?

Being around a really (for the most part) happy bunch of people. I love when ladies say to me, "Can you move in with me and make me look like this everyday?" It happens a lot and it makes my day every time. I love helping people feel incredible and becoming a bride's safety blanket for their special day.

Are you or someone you know about to celebrate something special? Check out Miss Harlequin in New York City!