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Confidently flaunting luscious locks is a #1 priority. But buying all the different products in order to achieve this can be incredibly expensive. Thankfully, Vegamour - our editors’ favorite - is having a massive Cyber Week Preview Sale - and start adding to cart!

For those who haven’t heard of Vegamour, you’ve been missing out. They’re a 100% vegan, cruelty-free, hormone-free, and clinically tested brand whose products do not contain GMOs or cause damaging side effects.

Other hair loss treatments like Rogaine contain Minoxidil, known to cause acne, inflammation, and headaches. While companies like Latisse and Revitalash include Synthetic Prostaglandins which can increase facial hair growth and even change eye color — scary! Vegamour is free from these toxic ingredients so your locks can grow safely.

Vegamour’s plant-based formulas use safe ingredients like Red Clover, Curcumin, and Mung Bean. Plus, they work on all hair types — curly or straight, Vegamour can help.

Vegamour has the best hair wellness line out there. The GRO line helps combat hair thinning and promote healthier, shinier hair. Their GRO Serum, Dry Shampoo, Scalp Detoxifying Serum, Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner, and Biotin Gummies can help you tackle all your hair issues.

Believe it or not, haircare serums aren’t the only thing we’re after during this sale. Vegamour recently launched a GRO Ageless Anti-Gray Hair Serum, which nourishes the scalp and helps reduce the appearance of gray hair on new growth. The GRO Ageless Gray Delay™ Hair Supplement delays the gray, supports a collagen-rich shine, and improves overall thickness.

What more do you need? Make your hair a top priority with Vegamour’s can’t-miss Cyber Week Preview Sale!

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