Valentine's Day is all about love and romance, but if you are looking for even more va-va-voom in the bedroom, consuming aphrodisiacs may just be the key to a February 14th that you won't soon forget.

When you enjoy foods and drinks determined to be aphrodisiacs, including these five below, "they may increase blood flow to the genitals, release natural bio-chemicals in the body to help you feel more aroused and relaxed, or provide nutrients that improve the health of the sex organs," according to Women's Health. "As a result, they can increase your arousal, energy, body temperature, or heart rate, putting you in the mood." Here's what's on the menu this Valentine's Day…

Hot Chile – Williams Sonoma Spicy Chile Pizza Oil


Perk up your pizza and your partner with a drizzle of heat over everyone's favorite food. Pizza is already nearly perfect, but with a touch of Williams Sonoma Spicy Chile Pizza Oil, the spice will add more flame to the fire, so to speak, this Valentine's Day. Made from chile de arbol and pequin peppers, the extra-virgin olive oil is complex and addictive, just like your lover.

Why do chile peppers arouse the senses? According to Eat Something Sexy, "Chile pepper has the ability to release endorphins and increases heart rate, doubling the pleasure of a mealtime rendezvous. Even a tiny nibble can have an aphrodisiac effect. A pinch if chile pepper can raise body temperature and get you in the mood to tear off your clothes. It also makes lips plump up with kissable softness and desirability." Pizza has never been so pleasurable!

Cost: $14.95 for a 7.6-oz. bottle

Figs – Coolhaus Awesome Ice Cream Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone


Fig Newtons are tasty, but when you want to take your fig game to Valentine's Day proportions, only a rich and creamy ice cream will score. Go for a pint of Coolhaus Awesome Ice Cream Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone for a sweet treat even Ben & Jerry's wish they'd concocted. The blend of sweet figs, rich balsamic, and tangy Italian mascarpone will have your taste buds in a tizzy.

Figs are a fine fruit choice to get your Valentine in the mood for love, if you can tear them away from the freezer. As per PBS Food, "Rumored to be Cleopatra's favorite fruit, the erotically shaped fig has been associated with sexuality in almost every culture. In Ancient Greece, where they were believed to be a symbol of love, the arrival of a new fig crop elicited a copulatory ritual."

No wonder Adam and Eve donned fig leaves over their "naughty bits." Go fig-ure!

Cost: $69.99 for 6 pints purchased online

Pomegranate – Crofter's Premium Spread Pomegranate Organic Jam


Breakfast in bed is the perfect start to a romantic Valentine's Day, so make your morning meal extra special by serving a plate of toast with the most… a generous slather of Crofter's Premium Spread Pomegranate Organic Jam on top. Who needs eggs and bacon when the sweet taste of jam will put a jump start on the morning? Fresh-tasting and fruity, Crofter's makes the most important meal of the day with your "boo" the tastiest too.

Pomegranate is an aphrodisiac that dates back to biblical times according to PBS Food. "Some say the forbidden fruit of the Bible was not an apple, but a pomegranate fruit. The word aphrodisiac originates with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and she is credited in Greek mythology with planting the first pomegranate tree. Because of their many seeds, pomegranates are often associated with fertility and abundance."

Spread the jam and the love this Valentine's Day!

Cost: $4.49 for a 10-oz. jar

Honey – Harry & David Orange Blossom Honey


If your honey is the bee's knees, make the holiday even sweeter with a spoonful of honey to make those kisses irresistible. Harry & David Orange Blossom Honey is complex and fragrant, with a hint of citrus and a whole lotta flavor. Swirl into yogurt, drizzle over fresh fruit, or sweeten up a cup of tea. The gourmet-level blend from Harry & David is unlike any other honey you've tried before, plus, its aphrodisiac qualities make the sticky stuff even more scrumptious.

As per Benefits of Honey, "A scientific study found that a three-ounce dose of honey significantly increased the level of nitric oxide, the chemical released in the blood during arousal. The use of honey as an aphrodisiac today can be traced back to many cultures and traditions whereby the sweet sticky liquid is popularly shared between lovers as a sensual food. It is often associated with blissful times, romance, union in marriages, and honeymoon."

Now you can see what all the buzz is about!

Cost: $6.99 for a 16-oz. jar

Red Wine - Ca'Momi Pinot Noir


Pop a cork and get Valentine's evening started with a taste of something special as you enjoy a couple of glasses of Ca'Momi Pinot Noir. The vibrant ruby hue is the signature color of Valentine's Day, and aromas of berries, thyme, and smoky white pepper will stimulate the senses as you swirl, sniff, and sip. Slightly sweet and oaky, this wine pairs well with a variety of meals or is perfect for drinking on its own.

Red wine makes you feel so fine, especially when it comes to unleashing your inner sexiness. According to Vinepair, "While all alcohol in moderation helps a bit when it comes to sexual pleasure and desire, none has more benefits than red wine, both for males and females."

Amp up the aphrodisiac nature of your Pinot by pairing a glass with a piece of chocolate. As per Leaf TV, "The combination of chocolate and red wine is said to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs." A box of truffles is tempting, particularly on Valentine's Day.

Raise a glass to getting in the mood!

Cost: $21.99 per 750 ml. bottle

Dark Chocolate – Totally Chocolate Big Belgian 5lb. Chocolate Bar


Chocolate is what Valentine's Day is all about, and bigger is better, when it comes to chocolate, that is. 5lbs. of rich dark Belgian chocolate from Totally Chocolate is what sweet dreams are made of. And when you go for dark, the more of a turn-on, as dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

According to Senior Lookout Today, "Chocolate contains L-arginine, an amino acid that can be an effective natural sex-enhancer for both women and men. It works by increasing nitric oxide and promoting blood flow to your sexual organs, which increases sensation, satisfaction, and desire."

This big bar is delicious in recipes or on its own, and the giant bar is perfect for sharing with someone special.

Cost: $52.00

Oysters – The Fresh Lobster Company Wellfleet Oysters


For a taste of the sea with your sweetie, order The Fresh Lobster Company Wellfleet Oysters and you'll feel like you are vacationing in Cape Cod. A special treat for seafood lovers, these oysters are not only fresh and tasty, but they will get you in the mood for "dessert."

As per Clean Eating magazine, "Part of oysters' aphrodisiac 'brand' is the sensuality of the eating experience itself." Eat Something Sexy adds, "They're loaded with zinc. And zinc is a key nutrient for testosterone production. (It's important for stimulating libido in both men and women)."

On the half-shell or as part of a delicious dish, these ocean delicacies put the "O" in oysters!

Cost: $36.00 for a 4-lb. bundle (16-20 count)

Asparagus – Polar Premium Select Green Asparagus Spear Tips


It's always important to eat your veggies, but who knew that asparagus is not only good for your body, but for your sex drive too? Spice up your side dish, salad, or spaghetti with Polar Premium Select Green Asparagus Spear Tips and turn supper into a sensual experience.

Asparagus is an aphrodisiac which, "is also a great source of Vitamin E, which is involved in stimulating the production of sex hormones in both men and women, therefore increasing the sex drive. Also contains the B vitamin known as folate that aids in increasing histamine, important for a healthy sex drive in men and women," according to Soulmate Food.

When it comes to boosting libido, asparagus gets an A+.

Cost: $1.48 for a 6.5-oz. jar

Cupid may get the party started, but aphrodisiacs keep it going all night long!