The Plight Of The Middle Class And How CreditRepair Can Help

Life can be filled with limitations when you have bad credit, and I recently learned how to screw and un-screw myself out of credit nightmare. Putting everything on a charge card turned out to be a terrible decision, and when the government threatened to start garnishing my wages, I was forced to pool everything I had to make a one time payoff on one of my student loans, which actually had a negative impact on my score because I settled. I was bankrupt and I was just starting out. As my score dropped, the banks sent cancellation notices for all of my credit cards—even the ones I always paid on time. It seemed like big banks had just turned their back on me.

My husband was forced to face his credit barriers when his car transmission died out of warrantee. When the car salesman pulled his credit to see if he could get approved for a lease, he shook his head in shame. It showed a score in the low 500s, a high debt to credit ratio, and poor payment history because of medical bill charge-offs from when his appendix ruptured.

We needed better credit, which I thought meant waiting 7-10 years for negative items to be removed. As it turned out, fixing our credit was painless because there are services out there, like CreditRepair.com, that are meant for people like us. CreditRepair works directly with the credit bureaus and your creditors to help you get unfair items removed from your report and get you back on track for a clean financial future. They understand that life can get out of hand, and that sometimes, trustworthy candidates can get screwed out of good credit scores in the process. Plus, they do all the legwork for you.

I signed up for CreditRepair just two months ago. On my consultation call, Skye, my personal CreditRepair representative, worked with me through the process, answering my questions with patience and knowledge. She made me feel confident that together we could accomplish everything I'd sought out to achieve. She explained that for most items she saw on my report, they would send their lawyerly "challenge letters", to which creditors have to respond or refute, or the items get removed. CreditRepair has methods of getting creditors to exercise leniency as well. For example, if you have issues with high student loans, bankruptcy, an expensive divorce, or high medical bills, Credit Repair will alert creditors of this as they did when they mentioned my outstanding student loans in challenge letters so that creditors would potentially give me more leeway.

During just the first month of my subscription, I received my first 3 removal emails from CreditRepair! (It means they got 3 negative items removed from my report.) My credit score shot up 22 points immediately as a result, and continues to climb as I follow along on my Score Tracker, the chart which displays your credit score progress each month.

As for my husband, he started receiving removal emails from CreditRepair just two days after I did, and within just the first 45 days of his membership, CreditRepair had already gotten 44% of the negative items on his report removed. And he got approved for that car lease from the dealership that scoffed at him less than two months prior! Incredible, and fast results.

Turns out, this is the norm. While individual experiences may vary, on average, CreditRepair subscribers see increases in their credit scores month after month. And it's been giving us the fresh start we need to rebuild our future.

Update:The folks at CreditRepair are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link, or call for a free credit consultation including your free credit report summary and score!

1-833-821-8700 anytime between 7am and 11:59pm EST for a free consultation including your free summary credit report and score!

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