Which Is The Best Bra On The Market? CUUP Or ThirdLove?

As a woman, some aspects of our daily outfits are uncomfortable but manageable – I’m looking at you high heels! But the one part we need to be comfortable in is our bra. We cannot stay in a bra that cuts, digs or pinches for hours at a time.

Although bras are an essential part of our daily outfits, they’re often the hardest to purchase - so much can go wrong from the fit to the padding and worst of all the price tag – especially when it's a bra that doesn’t last.

Our editors are on a mission to find a bra that is high quality, comfortable, and doesn’t break the bra budget. We narrowed our search down to CUUP and ThirdLove.

Key Similarities:

  • They both offer a range of sizes, styles, and colors
  • They both have a custom fit quiz to help you find the right size

Key Differences:

  • ThirdLove offers clothes apart from bras, whereas CUUP focuses on bras
  • CUUP bras are created to enhance a women’s natural shape, while ThirdLove bras are more standard
  • CUUP bras are free of padding to embrace natural breast shapes, unlike ThirdLove bras which features memory foam
  • CUUP uses the exact same silhouettes for their bras and swimwear collection


CUUP offers a collection of minimal, modern, and unlined bras for every woman. They focus on the way the bras feel on your body and make comfort a priority. CUUP bras are made of the highest quality materials with the perfect combination of nylon and spandex. Their underwire is completely flexible and the sheer power mesh makes all of CUUP’s bras practical and supportive while also making you look – and feel – incredible.

Available in 6 different styles, you can find your fit in size A to H for cups and 30 to 44 for bands. Plus, if you aren’t sure of your size, their Fit Quiz helps to ensure you find the right size.

The Balconette is the perfect sultry base for a blouse or open blazer, while the Scoop is the ultimate everyday bra with its luxe microfiber that accentuates your natural form.

CUUP leverages technology to make their bras feel more natural. They stay away from stuffy foam that doesn’t breathe and instead substitute it for mesh. They also invented flexiwire that supports and moves with your body, sans the poking or pinching.

Their bras are far more affordable than boutique bras - especially for bigger sizes - and cost around $68. CUUP also offers fast and free exchanges. For such high quality, premium design, and incredibly flattering bras – we’d happily pay more.

Fit: 10/10, Material: 9.8/10, Design: 10/10, Price 9/10, Support: 9.4/10. Overall rating: 9.8/10


ThirdLove offers bras for all women and includes sizes 30-48 for bands and A-H for cups. Although they have more variety than most in size, only a few items are available in their full range.

Most of their bras are made with memory foam and a smooth mesh overlay. They also have removable pads that help you customize your fit while giving you extra lift if you need it. ThirdLove bras also have straps that are made of gold alloy hardware to add shine, and pleats to prevent the straps from slipping.

ThirdLove bras are comfortable and offer 11 different styles. Their classic T-shirt bras are the perfect everyday bra while their plunge bras give you a great lift when needed. They also offer a fitting room quiz and a 60-day return policy.

ThirdLove’s bras range from $68-$84, which was a little too much for us, especially since we found that their look and feel weren't as nice as the CUUP bras.

Fit: 8/10, Material: 7.4/10, Design: 8.2/10, Price 6.9/10, Support: 7.6/10. Overall rating: 7.7/10

Final Thoughts

Our editors are really picky when it comes to finding bras that are high-quality, breathable, and everyday wear-able. But in the end, it was CUUP that came out on top. They had the best quality, fit, and feel. Plus, they are affordable!

ThirdLove promises a lot, but their bras don't seem to be their main focus as only certain styles come in all sizes and colors. CUUP has made it their mission to enhance women’s natural shape and their bras lift accordingly- highlighting what we already have instead of trying to change who we are.

If you are looking for a bra that screams comfort, quality and style then CUUP is definitely our recommendation.

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