Which Hair Supplement Brand Deserves Your $$$ - Moon Juice SuperHair® Or Hims?

Which Hair Supplement Brand Deserves Your $$$ - Moon Juice SuperHair® Or Hims?

A few months ago, my girlfriend Kara and I were eating dinner when she delicately shared that my hair seemed to be thinning and it didn’t seem as healthy as when we first started dating. Kara was super kind about it, but I still felt embarrassed.

I mean, of course I was aware of it. I’d spent hours arranging it, adding product, desperate to hide it and delay the inevitable. The men in my mom’s family have hair loss issues. Maybe I did, too? I had to get ahead of the game — immediately.

I’m the kind of guy who likes a challenge. But even more than a challenge, I love a solution. So, I got right to work scouring the internet. I was shocked to learn that nutritional deficiencies can often lead to hair loss. So, it’s critical that I find a product that’s effective and targets these deficiencies.

Two hair loss prevention products a lot of guys online are reviewing are Moon Juice SuperHair® and Hims. After putting them both to the test, here’s what I discovered:

Key Similarities:

  • Both offer non-prescription products
  • Both have a recurring subscription model

Key Differences:

  • SuperHair® is vegan and features superior, natural ingredients and is also a comprehensive multivitamin | Some Hims’ products contain finasteride which can have potential side effects
  • SuperHair® is completely transparent about ingredients, usage, benefits & pricing | unlike Hims
  • SuperHair® typically takes 4 weeks for noticeable results | Hims can take about 3-6 months
SuperHair® requires 4 capsules a day | Hims suggests a combination of products

SuperHair® by Moon Juice:

SuperHair® is a clinical strength hair supplement from Moon Juice that leverages vitamins, botanicals and stress-busting adaptogens to help prevent hair loss and promote thicker, fuller strands.

It addresses the nutritional deficiencies that inhibit the growth of healthier hair. The capsules utilize 10 bioactive vitamins for peak absorption and are 100% traceable, sustainably sourced ingredients (the good stuff). Adaptogens like Ashwagandha help balance stress hormones that can contribute to thinning and hair loss. Botanicals like Saw Palmetto support healthy hair follicles and promote thickness, and includes micronutrients like Kelp and Biotin to promote hair strength and smooth texture.

SuperHair®’s essential ingredients are top notch. Horsetail arrives from Spain, Iodine from Iceland, Ashwagandha is transported from India, and Wildcrafted Saw Palmetto — which helps inhibit the hair-destroying hormone DHT — is sourced from the USA.

It’s so cool that Moon Juice has a holistic approach with one target in mind: formulas that actually work. While many hair nutrition multivitamins contain animal or marine-tested collagen, SuperHair® is vegan and strives to provide precisely what my body needs to create a healthy environment for hair growth.

All it takes is one quick step daily. I simply take 4 capsules each morning — with or without food — and I should see stronger, healthier hair within 4 weeks.

Starting at only $54 a month, recurring subscription orders arrive at my door monthly in a compostable pouch that I can use to refill my original bottle.

Hims Overview:

Whoa. When I hit the Hims site, I was bombarded by a slew of sprays, pills, gummies, and bundles — both non-prescription and prescribed. But what freaked me out is that Hims pushes meds that contain finasteride which has a bunch of potential side effects. Problems with erection, ejaculation, and sexual desire concerned me the most. Apparently, these symptoms can diminish over time, but who wants to suffer ED even once!

Scary side effects aside, learning about Hims' products wasn't straightforward and felt just as cold and formal as a doctor's appointment. I couldn’t find any transparency on the site — at least not on the pages that I could access.

I was asked to “complete a short consultation to find the right plan, then a licensed medical professional will review your plan for free.” I didn’t feel entirely comfortable sharing my intimate details with an online company that’s this non-transparent. And what’s totally unforgivable is there’s no pricing available for the prescriptions. When I scrolled through the non-prescription products, again, prices were unclear.

Kara and I have a healthy, active Iifestyle, so this company is not for us.

Final Thoughts:

Compared to waiting 3 to 6 months for Hims’ medicines to kick in, Moon Juice SuperHair® actually nourishes your hair from the inside out. But the best thing is, about 30 days in, I saw noticeable results.

My hair’s stopped thinning and it’s looking thicker these days. I’m confident and happy. And Kara was so blown away by my hair refresh, she now takes SuperHair® to strengthen and smooth her locks.

Looking for a trusted way to improve your hair health and wellbeing? Give Moon Juice a try. I mean, everyone deserves to feel this good about their hair!

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