Smelly Cat Litter Stinking Out Your Home? You Need To Try Pretty Litter


Four years ago, when I first married my wife Lauren, we adopted a beautiful little striped kitty we call Tiger to make our house feel more like a home. I love Tiger, but we've had a whole host of issues with his litter box.

We used to keep it in our basement, but it doesn't have windows, and the smell would end up getting trapped and grossing us out. We must have tried 4 or 5 different litter brands, and while some were better than others, none of them really got rid of the smell.

We ended up having to put the litter box in our living room next to the TV because the living room has lots of windows and better circulation. But now we've got a whole new batch of problems.

My wife is especially sensitive to the litter box smell (and I think she doesn't like the idea of what's going on inside it), so when she sees our catwalk into the box, she'll immediately go into the other room. When she made me pause our favorite show on Netflixs so she could hide out in the kitchen while Tiger did his business, I knew something had to change.

I started really doing my research online to see if there was a litter option that would fix our smelly cat problems. One that stood out was PrettyLitter, a subscription cat litter that is super lightweight (only 6lbs for a whole month's supply) and uses a unique formula that is supposed to be odor free.

Everything we've tried in the past has claimed to be odor neutralizing, so I wasn't so sure this was any different. But there were a ton of 5-star reviews, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

When our first bag of PrettyLitter was delivered, the first thing I noticed was that it really was super light. I was used to lugging around 30lb bags, so when I picked up the 6lb litter I noticed the difference right away. I put Tiger's litter box back in the basement and hoped this time would be different.

I would come down at night to see if any scooping needed to be done, and after a week I noticed no smell at all. I convinced my wife to come check it out for herself, and even she had to admit that this time the odor elimination actually worked. I was just glad to get our TV time back again.

Since then, we've discovered a few more cool things about PrettyLitter that make it unlike any other litter we'd tried in the past. First of all, the subscription is more convenient than you'd think, and I really liked not having to make last-minute trips to the pet store or trying to stock up on 6 months' worth of litter at a time.

Secondly, the formula has color-changing crystals that help you detect health problems in your cat. It gives us a lot of peace of mind because sometimes Tiger will be sleeping more than usual or her pur will sound pained, but we don't know if something's actually wrong. A few months ago, the crystals changed to a blue color, so we took Tiger to the vet the next day. It turned out she had a slight infection and needed antibiotics!

We love our smelly cat, my wife even dressed as Phoebe from FRIENDS last year for Halloween. But PrettyLitter was the only litter we've ever tried that actually eliminated Tiger's smell. Now, we can keep the litter box out of sight in the basement, and snuggle with Tiger without the smell.

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