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The Strange Seductive Prowess of Pete Davidson

Turns out, it's just about being chill and confident

We've long been scholars of Pete Davidson — discussing everything from his undereye bags (the true mark of a real New Yorker) to the ineffable "Pete Davidson Effect".

Though Pete has been famous since his debut on SNL as a 22 year old, he skyrocketed to fame during his short-lived — though heavily documented — relationship and engagement to singer Ariana Grande.

Ever since then, women of all ages have flocked to him — from model Kaia Gerber to actress Kate Beckinsdale. The latest to be lured in by his sad boy charm? Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian as Jasmine and Aladdin for SNLA whole new world?via NBC

Following her divorce from Kanye West, it seems that Kim just wants to have fun. And who better than the unpredictable Hollywood hottie who promises a lot of chaos and assuredly a damn good time.

Pete — Scorpio — and Kim — Libra — seem like they'd have fun together. Both are predisposed to be playful and not take things too seriously. So, while we don't predict a whirlwind romance that leads to nuptials — unlike Kourtney Kardashian's recent press tour of a relationship with her now-fiance Travis Barker — we do expect to see a few more public appearances from this unlikely couple of the month.

So … are they dating? Probably.

How did this even happen, you ask? It's not as far-fetched as you might think.

The two were first spotted on a Halloween rollercoaster together, holding hands in the background of a classic rollercoaster picture. They were there with the couples of the moment: Kourtney and Travis, and Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

This ensemble begins to make a bet more sense. Pete is best friends with MGK, who's a frequent collaborator with Travis. Kourtney and Megan have become best friends, and even modeled for Kim's brand SKIMS together. And so they all went to a Halloween bash together.

However, this is not the first time Pete and Kim met. Kim's recent SNL performance was generally well reviewed. And it stands to reason her surprisingly exceptional comedic timing earned her points with Pete — not that she needed them … she is Kim Kardashian after all.Cursed Image

Timothee, Kanye, Kid Cudi and PeteCursed Imagevia ... Kim K

While all this might feel too close to home — that's Hollywood for you! The pair seem unfazed by their mutual friends and close circle, spurring rumors with every outing.

But how?

What's most speculated about is how Pete Davidson, a stoner from Staten Island, enticed Kim Kardashian, who is Kim Kardashian.

Well, first of all he's rich and famous. Second of all, dating other prominent women has set a good precedent for the comedian. This is what is known as the "Pete Davidson Effect," which was set in motion when he started dating Ariana Grande.

Urban Dictionary defines "The Pete Davidson Effect" as: "Women are influenced by their peers in determining if a man is attractive or not. When Pete Davidson was dating Ariana Grande suddenly millions of females thought he was super sexy and attractive. After Grande dumped him, not so much."

But beyond this inimitable reality, there's got to be more to it than a mere Urban Dictionary phrase. Part of it's simple: Pete's confident, outgoing, and easy to be around. Plus, thanks to a team of experts, he's also operating at peak performance all the time.

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