New Year, New Products! Upgrade Your Skin Care In 2022

New Year, New Products! Upgrade Your Skin Care In 2022

2021 is over, and if there was any year to emerge like a phoenix, rising from the ashes, it's 2022. New year, new you, new upgrades.

Why not start with that generic slimy soap bar in your shower. Just because something is essential, doesn't mean it has to be basic. It's time for a new signature scent that doesn't smell like gross teenage chemicals; most drugstore bars aren't filled with natural products, but toxins and cheap additives that can dehydrate your skin rather than hydrate it.

9 out of 10 men are still using the same bars of soap their moms packed them for college. We completely made up that statistic, but doesn't it sound real?

Start the year off right with a new bathroom routine with Dr. Squatch. They have the world's best-smelling soaps with no toxic junk in their ingredients; just natural elements like aloe vera, oatmeal, coconut, and olive oil.

Natural Soap
Amazing Scents, Toxic-Free Ingredients
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This year, you can finally ditch your old bar and start smellin' like Alpine Sage, Cool Fresh Aloe, Pine Tar, Bay Rum, Spearmint Basil, Cedar Citrus, even Cold Brew Cleanse. Also, look out for limited edition scents like Frosty Peppermint- so refreshing.

You could exit every shower smelling like a centaur on a snowy mountaintop if you want to. Their deodorant, hair care, and toothpaste also come in complementary scents, so using everything together feels like magic.

If you're ready, Dr. Squatch offers soap bundles so you can try their favorites or even the whole line. Plus, they have soap savers (wooden cedar planks that'll make your shower feel like a sauna) to help dry your bar off and reduce soap scum, keeping your soap lasting as long as possible.

Subscribing monthly or quarterly will get you 15% off and free shipping on all orders, including one-time shipments and gifts for others!. With an arsenal of men's personal care products including soap, deodorant, hair care, and toothpaste plus colognes and beard oils, candles, and hand sanitizers, you'll always have something in the chamber for last-minute gifting to dudes or really anyone who showers.

No matter how dirty you get, Dr. Squatch's natural soaps for men will keep you clean and even sparkling. New year, new you, and most importantly new scents. Switch to a natural soap that works to keep you grounded, moisturized, and clean all 2022 long.

UPDATE: Find Out What Soap Is Best For You By Taking A Short Quiz! Follow this link to subscribe and save 15% off Dr. Squatch today!

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