5 Products You Need From The Lisa Says Gah Sale

5 Products You Need From The Lisa Says Gah Sale

Your fall wardrobe will thank you

If any brand epitomizes the bright optimism of Gen-Z, it's Lisa Says Gah.

Lisa Says Gahhas become a powerhouse in Gen Z fashion for its versatility and sustainability. For many, the term "sustainable fashion" elicits an eye roll, a groan, and the expectation of a lot of beige. Although sustainable fashion has gotten a bad rap because people imagine hemp leaves and linen in bland colors, ethical consumption is becoming increasingly popular among shoppers — especially Gen Z.

With the boom of online thrift marketplaces like ThredUp and Depop, younger shoppers are changing their habits and seeking ethical businesses first. The increasing ubiquity of these services has forced fashion retailers to step up their commitments to sustainability to combat the rising skepticism about the fashion industry at large.

Another draw of thrifting? Finding unique pieces that haven't already been flashed on all your peers' Instagram feeds. When they turn to secondhand marketplaces, Gen Z shoppers are looking for products that reflect their tastes and individuality — eschewing the cookie-cutter, generic clothing produced by the fast fashion machine.

But sifting through pages and pages of products online gets tedious, and comes with no guarantees that you'll find something you like that's also in your size. For some, ethical shopping is sustainable but might not be convenient or accessible due to sizing or price.

This need for more diverse options has birthed a new kind of marketplace: curated, online retailers, stocking a variety of sustainable brands. It's within this niche that Lisa Says Gah has become a quiet powerhouse.

A brand offering on-trend styles in a variety of sizes, prints, and tastes without succumbing to fast fashion? It sounds too good to be true. So how does Lisa Says Gah deliver on its seductive promises? Because they understand all the best, fun parts of the fashion world while not compromising on the environment.

Lisa Says Gahwas founded by fashion veteran Lisa Buhler, who left the industry to start a whole new kind of store. What was born: Lisa Says Gah. More than just a collection of stores, it's a value-driven community of independent designers and shoppers who want to enjoy fashion without feeling icky about their environmental impact.

With their impeccably curated collection, Lisa Says Gah has become the favorite of every cool girl you know. Their wide range of garments and brands promises you'll be spoiled for choice. And the quirkiness of the selection means you're guaranteed to stand out, whatever your style. Whether you have a penchant for vintage-inspired pieces or fun, trendy print, Lisa has got you covered.

Lisa Says Gah makes shopping fun again. It's the perfect place to shop back-to-school items that will obliterate the Sunday Scaries and get you excited for in-person classes or outfitted for your reinvention. And they're on sale! Here are our favorite on sale items (and you can get $25 off your $100 sale order by using the code: SHOPSALE25):

House of Sunny: Hibiscus Aarons Set Knit Pant ($73.20 from $122)

House of Sunny Hibiscus Aarons Set Knit Pant

Lisa Says Gah

The House of Sunny Hibiscus Aarons Set Knit Pantwill convince you it's still summer. House of Sunny has made a name for itself with its cozy pieces and landscape-inspired prints. Even if you've never heard of them, you've seen their clothes on the internet or while walking through trendy parts of town. The Hibiscus Aarons print is a 70s inspired pattern, and the faded blonde color gives it a nostalgic, vintage feel. They're something out of Harry Styles's closet, which is all the convincing we need. Pretend you're in the Summer of Love, put on some Janis, and boogie the night away. You'll be the coolest person at the disco, we promise.

Lisa Says Gah: Joni Maxi Dress ($127.20 from $159)

Joni Maxi Dress

Lisa Says Gah

Alongside its carefully curated merchants, Lisa Says Gahhas its own brand of dreamy pieces which serve as the blueprint for the other products they stock. One of their standout pieces: the Joni Maxi Dress, is an essential piece for the incoming moody fall days. Add some drama to your dark ensemble with this tiered silhouette, puffy sleeves, and customizable fit. For any fall mood, the Joni Maxi Dress will be your uniform.

Loolios: Fauve Short ($93.60 from $117)

Loolios: Fauve Short

Lisa Says Gah

The bike short has become a well-established part of our lives. Thank goodness for athleisure, the perfect way to get dressed without feeling like you're out of your pajamas. The pandemic only solidified comfy as cool, but our need for post-pandemic excitement also wrought new variations on some of our favorite silhouettes to give them a little more intrigue. Meet: theLoolios Fauve Short. This ribbed bike short adds texture to your outfit while keeping you comfy. It also comes in the minimalist Ecru shade, so you can get the tastefully pared-back look of Skims shorts without compromising your morals. Good for you.

Lisa Says Gah: Gloria Belt ($79.20 from $99)

Lisa Says Gah: Gloria Belt

Lisa Says Gah

Yeehaw summer is making its way into yeehaw fall — don't get left behind. The cowboy boot was undoubtedly the shoe last summer. Even city slickers were stomping around in their very own cowboy boots, and cowboy hats even made an appearance. Maybe it's the freedom that the rodeo represents, or maybe we're all just horse girls at heart. Whatever the case, the trend is here to stay. And fall offers more opportunities to add accessories to your cowboy get-up. TheLisa Says Gah Gloria Belt is the perfect addition to your get-up, combining the trendy cow print with the cowboy look for the ultimate outfit.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh: Agatha Slide ($335.20 from $419)

Maryam Nassir Zadeh: Agatha Slide

Lisa Says Gah

When you're tired of your cowboy boots and want to slip into something a bit more comfortable, the slip-on-heel is here for you. The Agatha Slide from Maryam Nassir Zadeh is a romantic suede sandal that will take you from dancing all night to rushing about the city all day. Maryam Nassir Zadeh is a cult favorite brand and for good reason. Part of sustainable shopping is often about spending more upfront for items that will last for years, rather than consistently buying and discarding cheap products that aren't made to withstand even one season. The Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sandalis a worthwhile investment any day, but now that it's on sale, it's a can't-miss deal!

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