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Which Glossier Products are Overhyped?

The Glossier products which aren't worth the hype — and the ones to buy instead

Okay, so it's fall. Summer is over. Virgo season is here. The days are short, and the mood is a little less carefree.

For some, fall means pumpkin spice and Halloween and cozy vibes. For others, fall means soggy leaves, SAD, and colder weather.

Whichever side you're on, the undeniable truth is that fall weather will affect your skin. It's goodbye to that dewy summer glow, but thankfully also goodbye to sweating off your skincare and sunscreen the second you step outside. Adjusting to fall weather means shifting your skincare to add in more moisturizers and fewer stripping face masks.

And if you're looking to find new products to add to your staple skincare routine, Glossier has everything you could want — but maybe not everything is something you need.

Glossier has become a staple for any millennial or Gen-Z skincare and beauty lover.

When Emily Weiss founded Into the Gloss, she couldn't have imagined the journey she would take herself on, and we were along for the ride. The cult-favorite beauty blog was instrumental in changing the narrative around beauty from how to fix what's wrong with youto make people find you more attractive to a more affirming, self-empowering narrative of how to accentuate your favorite things about yourself and have fun with new products.

With a graceful combination of articles and interviews, Weiss made her blog a one-stop destination for everything beauty and self love.

When she launched Glossier, of course we all flocked to it. The skincare-first brand blended the best of beauty and makeup alongside simple, effective skincare. And with its foundation built on an ultra-successful blog — what wasn't there to love?

As Glossier launched and instantly became a cult-favorite beloved by everyone from celebrities to teenagers, it continued to expand and introduce more products. The brand which once exemplified the minimal, uncomplicated routine began to stack enough products into its offerings to become a full service, one-stop shop for your whole routine.

But here's the thing, not every Glossier product is for everyone. And some are more worth it than others. As the hype dies down about new products, we can be a little more honest about which ones actually add to our lives and which ones are just taking up space.

As you transition into fall skincare routines, there are some products that are more worth it than others.

Let's get into it.

DON’T BUY: Vitamin C Serum

One of Glossier's greatest strengths is coming up with fun names for their products that make you feel like you'd be missing out on the secret to eternal youth if you don't buy them. Super Glow is one of those. Of course you want whatever that sounds like, but in reality it's a Vitamin C serum with a pretty low concentration of Vitamin C. You're better off finding a product with a higher percentage of the active ingredient, even if its name isn't as alluring.

BUY: Future Dew

Glossier Futuredew is an "oil serum hybrid." What could that mean? Who knows? But it works. Futuredew claims to give you a glow and actually does. The non-greasy product pretty much supercharges the rest of your routine. Put it on over your skincare and under your makeup to look like you got 8 hours of sleep and drank 8 cups of water — especially as summer ends and you miss that summer glow, Futuredew makes you look like you're living in a perpetual July. Fake it till you make it.

DON’T BUY: Zit Stick

This Benzoyl Peroxide Zit Stick makes itself out to be the answer to your acne. However, the strange texture, annoying roll on applicator, and low percentage of any active ingredients means it's pretty much the same as putting toothpaste on your face at night — which any skincare aficionado knows you absolutely should not do. While some, mild breakouts might benefit from this. Any more intense or hormonal acne needs something a little stronger.

BUY: Exfoliating Solution

For your acne woes, the Solution is one of the original Glossier holy grails. The exfoliating toner uses chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs to sweep away acne in a non-irritating formula that won't srip your moisture barrier. It's a classic, and I for one have gone through bottles and bottles of it since I bought it for the first time. And with drier weather begetting drier skin, the mix of exfoliating acids will slough off dry, dead skin for a smooth, even complexion.

There's a reason that Glossier has garnered itself cult like status — and that's because a lot of its products actually work. But not all are created equal.

Don't be fooled by good packaging. Sometimes maintaining your summer glow is less glamorous than stocking your makeup cabinet with Glossier products. Sure, your skincare shelfie might not be as cute, but your skin will be — and that's what matters.

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