Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That

Get Carrie’s Glasses from HBO’s “And Just Like That”

The best dupe for Carrie's infamous Mykita Meryl frames are available from Voogueme

It was way better than expected!

When Sex and the City celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year and announced And Just Like That the 10-episode HBO Max reboot was on its way we were all on the edge of our seats anxiously waiting. According to all the fans on my newsfeed it was well worth the wait!

When news of the long-awaited sequel to this iconic sitcom, SATC devotees were eager to dive back into that fairytale version of New York City summarized in every Carrie Bradshaw monologue. Those months waiting were packed with paparazzi shots of the cast filming — a clear attempt to satiate die-hard loyalists who were eager to see what the gang’s been up to and wild speculations about the plot.

The first episode saw the return of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte to our screens, but with a few modifications to the original series. First off, Kim Cattrall did not appear as Samantha. But, despite the absence of our beloved Samantha, And Just Like That introduced us to new characters and even contained some surprises — no spoilers, I promise.

Sex and the City, And Just Like That Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte serving Outfit Inspovia HBO

SATC gained its cult following due to its aspirational and whimsical portrait of life in New York City and And Just Like That maintained that magic.

After 16 years and two movies, the franchise still retains its inexplicable place in popular culture. Those of us who were too young to have watched its premiere have since caught up by binging on endless reruns and even a prequel. For better or worse, Carrie & her crew are the embodiment of what it means to be young in Manhattan — a blueprint of a bygone era that we love just the same.

The show’s legacy and its beloved characters have held strong despite the years. Even today, friend groups dub themselves either a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or a Samantha. Young people starting fresh, adventurous lives in metropolises like NYC look to those old — though somewhat dated — episodes with the same love and reverence for the cast’s lives, their friendships, and for their clothes.

Perhaps this is the very reason for the HBO series' endurance: its representation of fashion.

From the very outset of the show, the characters dressed as though every tiny event was a huge occasion. While many series at the time portrayed fashion as a vain, shallow obsession, SATC did not. The characters may have been flawed but they were well-rounded. They had full lives, they were passionate about their careers, they adored fashion, and were celebrated for it.

Sex and the City allows its viewers to explore and to be daring in their lives and with their fashion choices. Life is far too brief for drab, frumpy clothes, the show declared. This occasionally unrealistic portrait of New York underscores that the show is not only about this city, but about how the people, places, or things you surround yourself with grant you permission to dream.

What better encapsulated this than a shot of Carrie back then, gazing out the window from her writing desk, her face entirely lit by her Apple PowerBook G3.

This meme was replicated in And Just Like That. There’s Carrie sitting, thinking, writing, illuminated solely by her . . . MacBook Pro? MacBook Air? We cannot be sure. But that scene aptly captures the flight of time as we superimpose Early Carrie with Carrie Today.

Carrie Bradshaw Glasses

This shot went absolutely viral, so everybody demanded — as they always do with Carrie’s outfits and accessories — where can I get those glasses?

Wonder no more!

Dedicated fashion accounts and influencers did the deep dive for us and identified Carrie's coveted square, gold frames. They’re carried by a brand named Mykita, but their Meryl Frames will set you back close to $600.

Yes, you heard that right. $600 for frames. And that’s sans prescription!

It makes sense that you’d scramble for your very own pair. But don’t settle for cheap, shoddy imitations. Voogueme's got them for you — that Sex and the City style without the Carrie Bradshaw price.

The Jace frame is a pretty close match for the Bradshaw pair. Get these oversized, subtly sloping square-shaped frames for about $20 a pair. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including classic tortoiseshell, so you can match them to your personality.

The Jace Frame The Jace Frame is a perfect Mykita Meryl dupevia Voogueme

If you’re looking for a more angular frame to match your face shape or if you want to add your own twist, the Clover is an un-intimidating cat-eye that will make your look instantly funky!

The Clover frame A Cat-Eyed Carrie

Undoubtedly, gold frames will be everywhere this year thanks to our fave fictional New Yorkers!

Don’t get left behind on this trend. No need to blow your budget when you can check out Voogueme's frames today and thank us later.

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