Nowadays, almost everyone has or wants some kind of fitness tracker. Fitbit made wearing a pedometer on your wrist cool. This resulted in a huge boom in the fitness wearable market. There's never been so many options for a personal fitness tracker, but unfortunately almost all of the wearables on the market are either too sporty to too expensive. And the stylish ones that are on the cheaper side just don't track anything that well.

Looking for an affordable fitness tracker you can wear to the office and to the gym? The Misfit Ray is for you.

Misfit, as you can probably guess, came after Fitbit, but Misfit's style is decidedly much more fashionable than your standard fitness tracker. Fitbit's wearables look great in the gym, but feel out of place almost everywhere else. Meanwhile, Misfit makes devices that are stylish in any setting.

The Misfit Ray, at first glance, looks like a simple bracelet. The tubular device comes in various colors from stainless steel to rose gold to carbon black. The Ray has interchangeable bands. So you can wear classic leather to your dinner date but switch it out for a more functional band at the gym. Lastly, with Misfit's Lariat Necklace, the device can convert to a fashionable pendant. This is a fitness tracker with fashion in mind.

But set the looks aside. Here's the functionality: the Ray can track your steps, calories, distance, and your light and restful sleep cycles. It is also swimproof, which is a surprising hard-to-find feature in fitness devices. You can monitor your goal progress without even having to take out your phone. With a double tap to the device, a multi-color LED display will flash to signify the percentage of your progress so far.

Most importantly, Misfit's devices are incredibly accurate in step counting and exercise logging. Even an Apple Watch will credit you extra steps if you wave your arms too much. Misfit's technology avoids this pitfall to produce accurate stats you can rely on. The device will even try to guess what type of exercise you're engaging in based on how you're moving. Most of the time, you won't even have to tell the app you went for a swim or a jog. Misfit will just know.

In case that wasn't enough, the Mistfit Ray can vibrate when your phone receives call and text notifications. You can set up movement reminders to stay active throughout the day and even set silent alarms to gently wake you up in the morning. And probably the most important feature: you don't need to charge it. The Ray works on a replaceable battery that lasts about four months. No need to stress over battery level or charge the device every single night.

The Misfit Ray can help you stay on top of your fitness goals without sacrificing style or functionality.