FabFitFun: The Gift Everyone Wants

I like to surround myself with bold, amazing women. But when it comes time for the holidays or birthdays, I'm charged with finding gifts as amazing as these leveled-up ladies. Picking out gifts is difficult enough as is, between navigating family you haven't seen in a while and the friend who already has literally everything, but it's even harder when you want to go the extra mile and give the wonderful ladies in your life something meaningful.

If only you could get a package with a huge variety of most-loved women's lifestyle products, already boxed up in a beautiful, trendy box...cue FabFitFun. FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box with the latest beauty, fashion, and health trends for women. Each box comes with 8 to 10 full size products for just $49.99. FabFitFun has a little bit of everything, from denim gym bags to skin cleansing brushes to charcoal teeth whitening powder and bigger surprises like a tarte contouring palette or Kate Somerville exfoliating face scrub. Each box is like a "treat yo' self" moment, making it a quality present that will put a smile on the face of any woman on your gift list this year. Here are the four women in your life you could stand to up your gifting game for this year.

1. To your ride or die BFF

She's been there for you through countless breakups, career ups and downs, and you can always rely on her to make you laugh when you're at your lowest. Treat your bestie to something special, something that will really spoil her. FabFitFun comes with a ton of beauty products and other treats, so your ride or die will love discovering new products ranging from useful (who couldn't use a new beauty blender) to straight up luxurious (the exclusive Vince Camuto vegan leather tote is extra in the best way possible).

2. To the mother-in-law who has everything

What do you get the person who has everything? It's already a lot of pressure to get your family gifts, but shopping for your mother-in-law who has it all can truly be a nightmare. She welcomed you into her family, so you want to get her something so she knows how much you care. Instead of getting her another monogrammed apron, consider sending her a FabFitFun box. When you've got a family member who doesn't need anything, get them a variety of fun items they'd never think to buy for themselves, like the Alfred French Press and AHAVA mineral hand cream.

3. For the picky teenager

You remember what it's like to be a teenager: bad hairstyles, boy drama and wardrobe choices you'll never live down - those formative years can be tough! FabFitFun's insanely Instagrammable boxes are perfect for the social-media obsessed generation. There's no way she can turn up her nose at so many different products, and it's a great way to introduce her to luxury brands that might not be on her radar just yet.

4. For your girl who's hitting a major milestone

Your best friend from middle school just got engaged, or a new promotion at work, and you couldn't be happier for her. Although you might not see each other as often as you would like, she'll always be your person. Let her know that you want to celebrate all of her wonderful milestones by giving her a gift that's just for her, filled with all the self care items she'll need to get through the biggest year of her life so far.

If your love for your girl-tribe knows no bounds, then don't compromise when it comes to paying them back for all those late-night supportive phone calls with the best gift possible. FabFitFun has it all: a variety of products with something for everyone, the biggest brand names, beauty trends you've been dying to try, and some exclusive prezzies you can't get anywhere else.

Update: FabFitFun + Topdust are extending a *secret* offer to new members! Follow this link to reveal your deal!