Dr. Squatch Alpine Sage soap and generic soap

Dr. Squatch Vs. Generic Soaps: Which one wins?

When it's been a long day and you don't smell too hot, nothing hits like a good, long shower. If you've ever taken one only to realize you might need a second one, it's time to look at your soap.

What plenty of people don't know is that drugstore soaps are pretty much just the basics. They'll get you clean, sure, but at the cost of really awesome smells and sometimes with the addition of plenty of b.s. ingredients.

We went searching for an alternative and found Dr. Squatch; a line of amazing scented soaps for that real deep clean.

To see if they're worth it, we wanted to compare their line to your average run-of-the-mill drugstore soap.

Here's what we found.


  • Both have a wide variety of colors and scents


  • Dr. Squatch uses the traditional cold process to retain nutrients and eliminate the need for preservatives and chemicals that are found in many store-bought brands
  • Dr. Squatch has full ingredient transparency on their website while drugstore soaps don't require it
  • Dr. Squatch products are made specifically for men
  • Dr. Squatch offers a subscription option
  • Dr. Squatch offers next-level scents like Wood Barrel Bourbon and Grapefruit IPA
  • Dr. Squatch even has limited-edition releases throughout the year!

Dr. Squatch Overview

Think of the best shower product you've ever smelled. This is even better.

Dr. Squatch focuses on sustainable soaps that don't do harm and smell incredible. You'll find scents like Pine Tar, Fresh Falls, Wood Barrel Bourbon, Alpine Sage, Gold Moss, Cool Fresh Aloe, Cedar Citrus, Cold Brew Cleanse and more; there are always new seasonal scents.

Technically both offer "a variety of scents," but at the drugstore, you might find a lot of nonspecific "clean", "refreshing", or "sport"

Dr. Squatch uses natural ingredients that are organic when possible. Their cold process method is a traditional way of making soap that preserves the glycerin, so there's no need for drying preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Finally, they also offer hair care, deodorant, toothpaste, beard oils, cedar soap savers, cologne, and more.

Generic Drugstore Soap Overview

The bar for drugstore soap companies is pretty low (no pun intended). Chemicals, preservatives, and fillers are all allowed in soap to increase shelf life and reduce the price of bar soaps.

If you like choosing a new bar every time you're in the store, go for it! However, price-wise, it's not really much cheaper. Dr. Squatch goes for $7 a bar and that's before getting 15% off and free shipping with their subscription option. Not to mention the bundles they offer.

The worst part about generic soaps is that sometimes instead of hydrating your skin, the ingredients can dehydrate you (same reason some people get addicted to lip balm). Generic soaps might last longer, but that's only because they are "harder" due to the lack of natural, hydrating glycerin. No glycerin means having to waste more money on lotions and moisturizers - or even worse as the years go on!

Really, you just don't always know what you're gonna get with the store-bought suds. The basics are bland, and if you're buying 10 bars for $1 then you know it can't be high-quality, right?


Listen, you need to try Dr. Squatch. It'll seriously elevate your shower experience, and with their cedar soap savers, you can make your shower look like a fancy spa and get more use out of your bars.

Everything smells awesome, cleans deep, and is natural so you know you're not putting anything harsh on top of or into your skin. Plus, the subscription model is super convenient - as soon as you run out, a new delivery arrives without you lifting a finger.

Dr. Squatch is the only company offering scents like these, so check them out today!

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