Here’s How Dr. Squatch Soap-prised Me

Here’s How Dr. Squatch Soap-prised Me

Editor's Note: I wouldn't say I live for the gym, rush to grab the latest sneakers, or worry over using natural products. However, I do LOVE to smell great.

My Expectations:

I had seen a few Dr.Squatch ads online, but after letting my girlfriend talk me into buying several things off of her newsfeed, I've learned my lesson about impromptu online shopping. Besides, the body wash I had been using for years worked just fine - I wasn’t getting any complaints at least.

A few days later, I mentioned to Amber how I saw another Dr.Squatch ad, which was when she told me I should give the brand a try.

I took to the internet to find out about Dr.Squatch and right away I noticed that their prices were a lot higher than what I was currently paying. Would it be worth it? I wasn’t sold on natural soap with fun titles and cologne-worthy scents quite yet.

After digging deeper, it turns out, most drugstore products are made of mostly water, and the other ingredients tend to dry out or irritate your skin after! All those slight irritations that I dealt with were starting to make sense… and a simple soap change could help.

After another not-so-subtle hint from Amber I gave in and recognized that if I switched to better soap now, I would save myself the trouble of having to buy a boatload of expensive products down the line to get my skin feeling and looking healthy.

And if Dr.Squatch wasn’t any better, I could always just go back to what I was using before.

What Happened With Dr.Squatch:

I ordered a few different soap scents (Bay Rum, Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, and even a Cool Aloe scent,) so I could say I really gave them a try.

On top of the 12 scents that are always available, Dr. Squatch also releases unique limited edition scents oftentimes based on movies and tv characters, which is awesome.

I was shocked at how fast everything arrived - getting my soap delivered frees up some time on my to-do list which is great. I’ll admit, the first thing I did was smell each of them, and they all smelled incredible (not artificial or overly perfumed). My old body wash company could take a few notes.

Amber was impressed that all of Dr.Squatch’s products are made in the USA and each has a comprehensive ingredients glossary. You can know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and trust that it's safe.

After the first shower, I knew I wasn’t going back; there was a noticeable difference in my skin after showering! So much less dry thanks to the natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter and the traditional cold process that allows each bar to retain natural glycerin and nutrients.

The scents and feel of the soap were so good, that I went and ordered Dr. Squatch’s deodorant, cologne, and beard oil!

I have to admit, Dr. Squatch has to be the most convenient soap brand out there. All from one site, I can stock up on all of my essentials. Plus, their site has lots of bundles where I can save up to 30% off my next purchase.

Bonus: I ended up saving around 15% on all shipments, plus free shipping on all my future orders after signing up for their subscription! I can cancel or reschedule my shipment at any time, but I love not having to worry about stocking up on my shower must-haves.

Even If you're not the “natural" kind of guy you should still be conscious about what you put on your skin.

Ditch the drugstore soaps and check out Dr.Squatch. Nothing is better than finding a soap that’s effective, nourishing, and smells great - your skin will thank you later :)

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