Dr. Squatch Aloe Soap

Is Dr. Squatch Worth It? Here’s What We Think

If you’re a dude that doesn’t really care what soap you’re buying, time to listen up.

We get it, that used to be us until we found out about the harsh chemicals in the soaps we were using! Turns out that these harsh ingredients can lead to dry skin, clogged pores, hormonal disruptions, increased skin aging, and even some cancers and DNA damage. We were shocked to say the least.

That’s why we’re so glad we found Dr. Squatch, a line of natural personal care products that are designed to change the way men take care of themselves.

Our Dr. Squatch Overview

Dr. Squatch is a personal care and wellness brand revolutionizing how guys stay clean and cool.

Dr. Squatch uses natural ingredients, but even better is their unique use of traditional cold process for production. This allows soap to retain natural glycerin and nutrients in each bar, without the need for harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives found in generic products.

They’re products have thousands of 5-star reviews, and after trying them, we can see why. Even though they’re made with natural ingredients, they work just as well, if not better, than generic products. Plus, their soaps are long lasting, unique, and smell fantastic.

Dr. Squatch offers 15+ unique scents for every type of man and they also release limited edition scents all the time to change things up.



  • Costs more than drugstore soap (But worth the investment)


“What is Dr. Squatch?”

Dr. Squatch is a men's personal care brand that is leading the charge in changing the way men take care of themselves.

“Is it just soap?”

They sell everything from shampoo, conditioner, deodorants, toothpaste, beard oils, and cologne, but soap is their bread and butter.

“Why should I make the switch?”

Because there is a collection of common ingredients found in bar soaps that have been associated with a number of health risks related to reproduction, growth, and development concerns. Your skin needs the same care and high quality as the rest of your body - overhauling your hygiene to a safer brand is a no brainer.

Dr. Squatch’s products themselves are so unique, particularly the scents they offer. We used to think all men's grooming products smell the same – "Clean Comfort" or "Extra Fresh" was pretty much the standard, but Dr. Squatch offers so much more.

Not to mention having your self-care products delivered right to your door whenever you need them is super convenient (goodbye long drug store lines).

“What kind of scents do they offer?”

Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, Fresh Falls, Cool Fresh Aloe, Grapefruit IPA, Deep Sea Goats Milk, and Gold Moss, to name just a few — our favorite so far is Bay Rum. Then, there are the Limited Edition scents based on your favorite franchise characters.

“Is it expensive?”

Dr. Squatch's products are super affordable given their natural ingredients (their bars of soap are just $7), and they last so much longer than generic soaps. You can even buy bundles and save, and if you subscribe you get a 15% discount.

So What’s The Verdict?

Out of all the natural soaps for men that our editors have tried, Dr. Squatch has to be the best of the best. The combination of their innovative scents and natural ingredients set them apart from the rest.

If you’re looking for products that contain better ingredients, we’d highly recommend Dr. Squatch. Don’t wait until your skin is dried out or your nose can’t stand the tired “fresh scent” anymore - Switch to Dr. Squatch for all your personal care needs!

Find Your Perfect Scent With Dr. Squatch And Get Up To 30% Off When You Subscribe Today!

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