Dr. Squatch Reviewed - It’s Time To Say Adios To Dry Skin And Hello To Moisture

Dr. Squatch Reviewed - It’s Time To Say Adios To Dry Skin And Hello To Moisture

To be honest, I’ve never been the kind of guy who takes the time to research every ingredient inside each product I use. From my soap and face wash to my cologne and lotion, I tend to grab the first thing I see on the shelf.

However, lately, I’ve noticed my face is always irritated and dry.

My girlfriend, Bria, says my generic drugstore face wash is lame. But, hey, it’s been my go-to for years.

Could that really be what’s causing the issue?

That night, I went online to see exactly what was in the few products that made up my skincare routine. Much to my surprise – not Bria’s – it’s loaded with parabens and irritative ingredients that can cause skin irritation, hormone imbalances, and even increase the risk of cancer.*

Luckily, as I kept reading, I stumbled upon Dr. Squatch, which has zero harsh ingredients or chemicals. Dr. Squatch is a men’s personal wellness brand with a wide range of natural products, including their newly launched face wash.

I was stoked that this brand tailors all its products to men like myself. Plus, I wouldn’t smell like a cherry blossom or tangerine sunrise all day like when I borrow my girlfriends. That being said, I did wonder if it’s truly different from all the stuff that’s in my bathroom.

Dr. Squatch has 3 face washes that are specifically designed with men’s skin in mind. So, they're made with a lightweight, moisturizing formula that revives and refreshes skin quickly.

Yes, Bria immediately pushed me to try out Dr. Squatch. And honestly, who can say no to their girlfriend? I decided to take the chance and ordered all three scents.

And get this, they’re all amazing:

Pine Tar: Smells like an old-growth forest

Fresh Falls: Smells like a crisp waterfall

Cool Fresh Aloe: Smells like a fresh morning

She was so right. It was the generic drugstore skin care products that caused my skin’s dryness and irritation. After a few days with Dr. Squatch, I could see and - more importantly - feel a HUGE difference.

The subscription model eliminates wandering about the drugstore’s aisles upon aisles of products. Now I don’t have to take time out of my busy day to shop. I simply click which face wash I want and add it to the cart. I subscribe, so I save (Individual bottles of the face wash is $14 or $12 with a subscription.)

This face wash is hands-down worth the price for that level of convenience.

Bonus: With their amazing bundles, you not only get their next-level face wash but also can try out so many other great Dr. Squatch products:

Cool & Clean Bundle

  • Cool Fresh Aloe Face Wash
  • Cool Fresh Aloe Deodorant
  • Cool Fresh Aloe Shampoo
  • Cool Fresh Aloe Conditioner
  • Cool Fresh Aloe Bar Soap x 3

Fresh & Clean Bundle

  • Fresh Falls Face Wash
  • Fresh Falls Deodorant
  • Fresh Falls Shampoo
  • Fresh Falls Conditioner
  • Fresh Falls Bar Soap x 3

Rugged & Clean Bundle

  • Pine Tar Face Wash
  • Pine Tar Deodorant
  • Pine Tar Shampoo
  • Pine Tar Conditioner
  • Pine Tar Bar Soap x 3

The price per bundle is $69, making it an amazing $14 savings.

If you’re looking to level up your skincare game without ineffective products packed with harsh ingredients, you need to get on over to Dr. Squatch today!

Upgrade Your Skincare With Dr. Squatch Today!


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