CUUP vs. ThirdLove vs. Skims - Which Bra Is Worth It?

If you're a woman, you know the struggle of finding a bra that fits comfortably, supports, and looks cute.

For such a small item of clothing, bras can be the most difficult to buy – and nothing is more frustrating than coming home with one that causes chafing or your boob to pop out.

Our editors set out to find a brand that offers it all; a wide size range, different styles and colors, high-quality materials, and a reasonable price.

The perfect bra should make women fall in love with their bodies while providing maximum comfort and support, but finding one that ticks all of the boxes is easier said than done.

After some searching, we narrowed our findings down to three trending brands; CUUP, ThirdLove, and Skims. Here's everything you need to know:

Key Similarities

  • All offer bras designed to fit all shapes and sizes
  • All provide customer support to help you find the perfect fit
  • All are affordable

Key Differences

  • CUUP is a bra expert, offering lingerie and swimwear only – ThirdLove and Skims offer a broader range of clothing, including loungewear, activewear, and shapewear
  • CUUP and ThirdLove offer a Fit Quiz – Skims provides a sizing guide only
  • CUUP bras are constructed to enhance a woman's natural shape while providing maximum comfort and support – ThirdLove and Skims bras aren’t as thoughtfully engineered

CUUP Overview

CUUP's mission is to redefine the way women look and feel in their underwear. Their bras are designed with stretchy, thin, light materials that support a woman's natural shape - no foam and no bump pads, just unlined simplicity. And yet they look incredibly luxurious.

Available in sizes A to H, there are 6 different styles available and various materials to choose from. The Balconette, for example, is perfect for an open neckline and The Plunge with its deep V silhouette works best when styling with a silk blouse or an open cardigan. CUUP even offers a FIT Quiz on their website to ensure you find your precise size.

By working with a development and manufacturing partner who's been producing bras worldwide for over 30 years and running a series of bra washes and wear tests, CUUP’s quality is truly next-level.

CUUP set their goal to leverage technology in a way that feels more natural and less producing of shame. They stay away from foam since it’s not a breathable material and doesn’t feel good on the skin. They invented a flexiwire - a flexible underwire - that moves with you without poking or pinching and even reconstructed straps, gores and cup proportions to achieve a perfect fit, even for bigger boob sizes.

For only $68 for such premium materials and the flattering design, CUUP bras are really affordable.

Fit: 10/10, Material: 10/10, Design: 10/10, Support: 9.5/10, Price: 9/10

ThirdLove Overview

ThirdLove's main claim is to offer a wider-than-most size range, with band sizes ranging from 30 to 48 and cup sizes from A to I. But only a few combinations are available in their full-size range, which made their claim questionable and a tad misleading.

There are 11 different bra styles to choose from; classic styles such as strapless bras and T-shirt bras and more unique styles like their uplift plunge bra that comes with padding and a sheer mesh overlay.

While ThirdLove bras are definitely comfortable, we weren't a big fan of the overall look and fit. What we did appreciate about ThirdLove, is their 60-day return policy that includes worn and washed bras, which go to charity.

Fit: 8/10, Material: 7/10, Design: 8/10, Support: 9/10, Price: 7/10

Skims Overview

Skims launched with undergarments and loungewear and became most famous for its shapewear. The brand offers 6 different bra styles in skin-matching shades with both non-padded and lightly padded options.

Looking at Skims’ bra design, they are definitely on the simpler side. We took a closer look at their molded cotton underwire bra with no padding. Customers reported that it’s not as comfortable as they hoped, and that the underwire was digging into their chest.

Skims mastered at shapewear, so their bras feel less engineered and less focused on support, comfort and style. It’s such a viral brand - but we don’t think it lives up to the hype. Their bras are lacking quality and with sizes and styles being sold out so quickly, it’s really difficult to shop on their site.

Fit: 7/10, Material: 8/10, Design: 7/10, Support: 7/10, Price: 7/10

Final Thoughts

In terms of fit, materials, design, and support, CUUP is our top pick. Their bras felt luxurious and soft on the skin, and most importantly, they are affordable! Plus, we look damn sexy in them.

We could tell right away that Skims and ThirdLove focus more on other clothing categories than bras. Yes, they sell them but theirs are by far not as thoughtful designed and engineered as CUPs, especially when looking at material choice, comfort and design.

CUUP is the ultimate in enhancing women's natural shape. The brand is not interested in transforming women's bodies to be over lifted by padding or push-up options; they want to highlight what we have without changing who we are, and we love that about CUUP!

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