Cove Vs Lemonaid Vs PlushCare: Which Is The Best?

Contrary to popular belief, migraine headaches are not your traditional headaches. Their symptoms are far more severe and include throbbing, pulsating pain, sensitivity to light, and even nausea. Not only are they more intense than traditional headaches, but they’re also extremely common – 35 million Americans* suffer from migraine yearly.

With migraine being such a common condition - and our editors suffering through them regularly - we decided to look into easier methods of accessing doctors and effective prescriptions. We were sick of waiting in lines at doctors’ offices and scrounging drug store aisles for an OTC medication that could help.

To find the best company for all your migraine needs, we tried Cove, Lemonaid, and Plushcare. Here’s our verdict:

Key Similarities:

  • They all offer migraine treatments and prescriptions
  • They all have online doctors for consultations

Key Differences:

  • Cove specializes in migraine medication and prevention, whereas both Lemonaid and PlushCare have medications for a range of different conditions.
  • Cove and Lemonaid both deliver prescriptions to your door, while PlushCare sends them to your local Pharmacy for you to collect.
  • You can message your Cove doctor 24/7, while Lemonaid doctors have specific working hours, and PlushCare requires you to book an appointment.
  • Cove doesn’t just offer you a prescription but also helps you understand your migraines.


Cove is a telemedicine company that is dedicated to migraine care. Through a service designed by migraine experts, licensed doctors create tailored migraine treatment plans specific to your needs. Cove offers an extremely wide range of options, so depending on your specific needs, your treatment plan can include generic and/or name-brand medications.

Cove starts with an online consultation, so there's no need to stand in long lines to see a doctor or pick up a prescription. After your consultation, you’ll receive a treatment plan specifically designed for you, and medications delivered right to your door. Their treatment plans range from $20 to $79, so even without insurance it doesn’t end up breaking the bank.

Cove offers all its subscribers auto-refills, so you never have to worry about running out or being without relief when your migraine hits. They have medications to relieve pain, preventative meds, dietary supplements, and anti-nausea medication which helps reduce migraine-associated nausea. Cove also helps you understand your migraines better with the help of their tracker tools and tons of online resources.

If you have any questions, you have a doctor you can message 24/7. Plus, their customized medication bottles and easy-to-navigate website are something that makes them stand out.

Range of medication: 9.8/10, Online consultation, 10/10, Additional tools: 9/10, Overall Rating: 9.6/10


Lemonaid offers a similar model to Cove in terms of online consultation and medication delivered to your doorstep. However, Lemonaid does offer medication from women’s health and skincare, to mental health and blood testing, which narrows down their specialty. It’s also unclear whether their doctors and nurses specialize in migraine diagnosis and treatment.

Lemonaid offers migraine medications for prevention, acute symptoms, and anti-nausea. They not only have a smaller medication pool, but they also don’t offer supplements.

Their plans start at $20 per month with free shipping, but they have an additional $25 fee for video consultations, and their on-call doctor is only available for specific times during the weekdays and weekends.

Range of medication: 8.7/10, Online consultation, 9/10, Additional tools: 7/10, Overall Rating: 6.9/10


PlushCare offers online prescriptions and consultations for several diseases. They offer both pain relief options and preventative options, including antidepressants. PlushCare doesn’t deliver medications to your door but sends your prescription to your local pharmacy for you to collect after your online consultation.

PlushCare doctors are board-certified, but we are unsure if they are migraine specialists. Although they offer same-day appointments, you need to book one in advance.

PlushCare’s plans start at $15 a month with insurance.

Range of medication: 8.5/10, Online consultation, 8/10, Additional tools: 6.5/10, Overall Rating: 7.8/10

Final Notes:

All three companies are priced very similarly, but for plans starting at just $15 a month, you get the most out of Cove. Their range in medications + added supplements, and access to a doctor 24/7 is something we clearly can’t find anywhere else. Plus, tailored treatment from migraine specialists is just an added Cove bonus.

While Lemonaid and PlushCare are great options for a variety of different conditions, we like how Cove is hyper focused on migraine care, providing a range of 20+ medication options and understanding our migraine almost as well as us.

Between the three, we are endorsing Cove. Check them out for migraine relief today!