How Cove’s Non-Rx Products Provide Migraine Relief

When migraine headaches hit, it feels like you’ll never get back to your day or even yourself. Whether it be the sensitivity to light, nausea, or the incessant head throbbing, relief can’t come soon enough.

While there are said to be home remedies like exercising regularly, drinking more water, or finding time to meditate, there are times you need a little more than a cold compress and a nap.

As people who suffer from migraine, we wanted to find relief that was more than the basic drink-more-water. We looked into alternatives that could alleviate our migraine while still remaining natural.

Cove - a telemedicine company designed specifically for migraine relief - offers clinically-proven migraine treatment and science-backed supplements. They have virtual consultations and personalized treatment plans for anyone who suffers from migraine. The results speak for themselves: 79% of Cove patients report a reduction in migraine severity, 70% report a reduction in migraine frequency after being prescribed a preventative, and 78% would recommend Cove to a friend.

While they offer incredible and effective physician-directed plans, we opted for their supplements. Here are two non-Rx products from Cove that we recommend be in every migraine-sufferer’s cabinet.

Oasis - Relief

Hydration is key! More than drinking the traditional 60 ounces a day, Oasis is designed to provide daily hydration with an ideal balance of electrolytes. It also includes minerals like potassium and sodium as well as magnesium and calcium which both have been shown to manage migraine. And since this formula has zero sugar, there’s no risk of triggering a migraine due to a sugar spike.

Oasis has seven active ingredients that can be beneficial for life outside of migraine. You can use this hydration mix for a daily refresh, recovery, exercise, long days, and nights out.

Oasis is now just $32 for a one-month supply.

Super B - Prevention

Cove’s Super B capsule supplement works to prevent migraine flare-ups. The formula is packed with riboflavin, B12, B6, and folate. When all this works together, it can maintain healthy brain and blood levels which can reduce your frequency of migraine attacks.

With its unique blend of vitamins, Cove’s Super B also improves mood and energy levels while supporting neurological and cardiovascular health. Rather than taking a handful of vitamins, Super B packs a punch delivering all the essential B-vitamins in just one place.

Super B is only $25 for a one-month supply, and $20 for your first month when you subscribe.

Cove’s products target migraines before, during, and even after attacks. Their super-powered ingredients go right to the source and work in concert to provide immediate relief and get you back on your feet.

Whether you’re looking for migraine prevention, relief, or even something to provide a sense of peace, Cove’s products have got you covered.

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