3 Reasons I Combat Migraine With Cove

I've dealt with migraine for as far back as I can remember, but lately, the attacks have gotten a lot worse. The head-splitting pain and waves of nausea stop me from doing almost everything but complaining.

These headaches either appear out of nowhere or crescendo over the span of a few days, and my entire schedule gets thrown off as I try to find effective ways to mitigate the excruciating pain.

I've gone to several doctors and neurologists, who either give me ineffective and expensive prescriptions that leave me with horrible side effects, or tell me to just try Tylenol or Advil. In a fit of desperation, I even let my older sister convince me to try out a bunch of holistic at-home remedies. Sure, these solutions momentarily alleviated some of the pressure in my head, but most wore off quickly and definitely were not long-term solutions.

After revealing my migraine woes to a coworker, he suggested I check out Cove - a telemedicine company specializing in migraine care that's supported by licensed doctors with years of migraine expertise.

I went home and did a deep dive on the brand to find out all I could. To be honest, I was shocked I’d never come across Cove before now. I was genuinely surprised by all their unique offerings and how transparent their site was – and I could do it all from home!

After another migraine hit me, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying out Cove.

Here are 3 reasons I’ll be sticking with Cove for all my migraine needs:

1. Personalized plans

Cove clearly recognizes not every migraine experience is the same and offer 20+ unique treatment plans. I could rest assured knowing I wasn’t getting the same treatment as everyone else, but that my doctor really listened to my needs and made a plan just for me. All I had to do was take a quick quiz and then have an online consultation.I received a treatment plan tailored to my individual symptoms and unique needs, and then everything was shipped directly to my house.

2. Convenience

Since everything is done online and sent directly to my door, I never need to wait in an overpacked waiting room for an overpriced in-person visit (I paid almost $300 for the last one I went to!). I always have access to my doctor through Cove, so no more waiting on hold, either.

Cove offers auto-refills, so I never have to worry about running out of pills when a migraine hits or making time for a trip to the pharmacy to refill a prescription. I’m no longer stressed or waiting for another migraine to hit because I know that when and if it does, Cove has everything I need covered.

3. Affordability

With such great services, I assumed I'd break the bank paying for my Cove treatment plan, but they seriously proved me wrong. Treatment plans range from $20 to $79, so even without insurance Cove is still super affordable. There aren't ever any surprises with Cove and I always know exactly how much everything is going to cost.

Bonus: Cove even offers a discount when you order a 3 month supply!

Cove is unlike any migraine solution I've ever tried before and has been the most effective at not only alleviating my migraine pain but also reducing their frequency.

Boasting over 20 different migraine options and 24/7 access to leading migraine specialists, Cove is the best option for anyone suffering from headaches or migraine.

Stop suffering in silence and give Cove a try, I know I'm glad I did.