My New Year's Resolution: A Migraine Solution

I've been waking up to throbbing migraine attacks for years, but the busy holiday season has made them flare up even worse. Running from one dinner party to the next and the work overload at my office has been adding a ton of additional stress to my life, not to mention the lack of sleep. On top of that, I've been feeling nauseous and dizzy - as if the pain wasn't already enough…

I've revisited my doctor countless times to try any new medication, but of course, they’re not helping at all. The few times one of his prescriptions actually worked, the effects wore off way too quickly. I'm sick of waiting forever for an appointment and then paying all that money for nothing!

I knew there had to be an effective solution. In today's world, no one should have to suffer from crazy pain! I wasn’t getting the relief I needed from my doctor, so I decided to keep looking; there had to be another way.

After asking my friends and family for advice, my cousin suggested that I try Cove - a telemedicine company specializing in migraine diagnosis and treatment. But ordering migraine medication online sounded a little weird to me. Even my own doctor couldn’t help me! Plus, can you even trust pills from the internet?

I dug a little deeper and found that Cove offers over 20 research-backed treatment options for migraines that are clinically proven and doctor recommended. From acute and preventive medication to anti-nausea pills and supplements - they literally have it all! I appreciated the fact that Cove understands each headache experience is unique and needs specific treatment, and when I read all their positive reviews, I just had to give it a try.

In order to receive a custom treatment plan, I had to answer some questions including how often I’d experienced headaches, if I'd been diagnosed with migraines before, and if my headaches increased recently, etc. Afterward, I consulted with one of their specialists. He was very friendly and understanding, asked about my medical history and made sure we picked a treatment plan that works well for me. I definitely felt I was in good hands!

The medication got delivered right to my doorstep. It's super convenient compared to what I was going through to get my prescription before - no more waiting rooms or traffic! Cove's pricing is very affordable, with or without insurance. (and easier than going into the office every time you get a migraine)!

To my surprise, the prescription worked great and gave me incredible relief. Unlike my prescription before that had one universal pill, I like that I have different medications for different situations. If I have a stressful day, I take the preventive pill to prevent my migraine from starting, and if I feel nauseous, I have a specific drug just for that. No more unnecessary side effects!

Furthermore, Cove helped me understand my migraines better and let me take back control. With the help of a migraine tracker, I learned what specifically triggers my headaches and what I can do to reduce them, like meditating or going for a walk.

Cove is a true lifesaver and has given me my life back! I can finally jump into the new year headache-free!