Morale in the workplace​

5 Ways to Boost Morale in the Workplace

Are spirits running low in your workplace? Here are some ways to to boost morale in the workplace that will be beneficial to everyone in the office.

Clear Communication

Clear communication and transparency are essential elements in a happy workplace. When communication is running smoothly, employees won't need to read between the lines of what management is saying, and management can trust that employees will return the honesty.

Consider implementing different approaches to open communication lines between management and subordinates through:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Employee appreciation
  • Transparency

All of these allow for positive feedback, which drives all people. Employees are always happier when they understand a task and trust that they can talk to peers and supervisors without judgment or ambiguity.

You might also start by implementing a training program and being more personable; people have an easier time relating to others when communication feels open rather than cold or closed off. In doing this, you allow employees to discover new ways of changing the work environment by collaborating.

Make Sure Everyone Feels Safe

One of the top methods to boost morale in the workplace is to create a sense of comfort, and taking care of emotional and physical safety is a foolproof way of doing this.

You can tend to emotional safety through:

  • Encouraging compassion
  • Giving everyone a voice
  • Increasing trust
  • Reminding everyone that making mistakes is OK

Creating a culture where employees don't need to keep their guard up as they work seems like an obvious step to increasing morale, but that's not always the case. A surveillance system promotes in-office safety by keeping a watchful eye over everyone in case you need to review any incidents.

Encourage Collaboration

Different people offer different ideas, and when you work together, morale increases and workflow become more efficient. While one individual may not know how to go about a task, someone else in the office could be familiar with it. Additionally, this increases communication among employees and keeps everyone feeling connected.

Establish a Training System

Ensure employees understand the work they'll be putting out; otherwise, they may become confused or frustrated when facing a task they don't understand. Additionally, management should understand the work of those who report to them because they serve as coaches. Keep in mind that all workers should have training not only on their work, but on how to communicate in ways that lessen the chance of a misunderstanding.


Finally, if you're working in-office, decorate the office or cubicles in a way that expresses originality—you'll be more comfortable at a desk when you're surrounded by family photos instead of piled-up paperwork. Consider soliciting everyone's ideas and working as a team to revamp the office.

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