5 Reasons I Love Cove

I've suffered from migraine since my teens, but lately they've gotten more frequent - I'm sure it's from staring at screens all day and the stress of this new "normal."

I'm constantly either in pain, or waiting for one to knock me out for a couple days.

I've visited my doctor way too often and tried all the home remedies. And while they can sometimes work, I've found that the positive effects wear off too quickly. As time went by, it was getting worse and worse. I got to the point where I was desperate to find something new, something that finally works.

I came across an advertisement for Cove, an end-to-end online migraine treatment plan that's supported by licensed doctors with migraine expertise. I'd never seen anything like it, so I answered a few simple questions and signed up. I love how transparent their website is and that Cove's questions actually helped me learn about my migraine.

These are my top five reasons why I continue to use Cove for my migraine management:

1. Online Consultation

I hated going to the doctor's office because of the lines and the waiting rooms. With Cove's online consultations, you will skip scheduling, skip waiting rooms, and pharmacy lines. I answered a thorough questionnaire about my migraine symptoms and provided my medical history. Then I completed two diagnostic videos, so their doctors could put together the optimal treatment plan for me.

Plus, for $4 a month, I get unlimited messaging access to Cove doctors. I can discuss any problems I may have and track how well my plan is working. It's so great not having to wait for an appointment or make the trip to the doctor's office. But the best part is having someone who listens and truly understands my migraine.

2. Doctors That Specialize In Migraine

Over all the years I was struggling with debilitating headaches I basically needed a doctor who specializes in migraines (there is only one specialist per 80,000 migraine sufferers in the U.S). Cove doctors specialize in migraine so they understand that no two migraine experiences are the same, each one is unique.

This makes me feel individual and confirms that their expertise is what's helped me properly deal with my migraine once and for all.

3. Continued Support

Cove provides complete end-to-end support from the quiz to your formulated treatment plan to the convenient delivery of medication when you need it, so you never run out.

If you ever need to adjust your treatment plan, the doctors are always there to help. It's so much more personal.

4. A Variety Of Medication Options

When I went to my local doctor, she used to give me one medication, there were zero other options. With Cove, there are a variety of medications - anti-nausea, dietary supplements, acute medications, and so forth.

Because there are a number of choices, I no longer worry about having a bad reaction from medication. Should I run into any problems, I just get in touch with my Cove doctor and she'll make the substitute.

5. Transparent Pricing

We all know how expensive medications can be, and the last thing any of us need is to be hit with an unexpected sky-high bill. With Cove, I always know exactly how much everything is going to cost, and they even offer a discount when you order a 3 month supply. Their plans run from $20 - $79 a month depending on your particular treatment or the type of insurance you have.

After years and years of being disappointed by ineffective remedies, the switch to Cove has brought me such relief.

If you've been dealing with migraine for a long time, and feel like you're out of options, then give Cove a try!